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What is Nafilah Fasting? Is Redemption Necessary?

Supererogatory Fasts Accepted as Sunnah

Spiritual saturationFasting, one of the worships that gives us life, can be done in many ways. Important for the Muslim worldSupererogatory Fasting is an obligatory act of worship. This page will answer all your questions and provide information about fasting. What does voluntary fasting actually mean?We will provide answers.

We will be discussing the subject of supererogatory Fasting, which is frequently brought up in religious authorities. Our article will help you to resolve many questions.

Is Eid fasting?

What is Nafilah Fasting exactly?

  • Fasting is a form or worship performed for Allah’s approval, in order to be closer with Allah.
  • Some fasts can be ordered as fard. There are other types of fasting, however, that are not mandatory.
  • One of these fasts involves voluntary fasting. It replaces worship with a sunnah.
  • Anyone can participate in voluntary fasting.
  • Nafil fasting was 3 months long during the time when the Prophet (saas) was alive. There were different rules for each month’s voluntary fasting.
  • As with other fasting periods, sahur as well as iftar are important during voluntary fasting. Voluntary fasting will be more effective if you fulfill your worships and do good deeds.

When is Berat Khandili Fasting, and How is it Intentioned

Is it necessary to repent after breaking a voluntary fast?

  • If you fast for three months, you will also be able to fulfill the voluntary fasting worship.
  • In certain cases, you may wish to break the voluntary Fast. These situations could be out of your hands, or they may happen of your own accord.
  • There are many narrations, hadiths, and statements in the Qur’an about the ruling on breaking a voluntary Fast.
  • You can fast by accident if you have had to fast your vain.
  • A hadith concerning the accidental fasting by those who break the voluntary fast was quoted as follows: Aisha radiyallahu aha said: “While we were fasting, a gift was brought to Hafsa and me. We also broke our fast, and then the Prophet (peace upon him) entered. He said to him: “O Messenger of Allah! We were brought a gift, we craved it, and we broke our fast,” we said. He said, “There is no sin on you (but) fast for another day instead.”He commanded. (Tirmidhi, Siyam, 36; Abu Dawud, Savm, 73)
  • Your fast could be broken if you are experiencing unfavorable circumstances. Men can also break their futile fast if they are affected by stress, illness, or an accident.
  • Some women may have their periods exactly when they fast, while others might not. These situations can be a cause for concern. You can fix the supererogatory fast by following the steps.

Fasting in the Month Rajab: Virtue, Intention

What is voluntary fasting?

How to Intend Nafilah fasting

  • For every fast, you must have intention. It is acceptable to mention Allah’s name in the intention.
  • You can include sentences that you think of when you intend to fast.
  • It will suffice to remember Allah in all your sentences for the purpose and intention of voluntary fasting. Those who desire can perform the sahur or supererogatory fast by praying a lot.
  • You will keep the supererogatory fast until 3 months so you should also use the current month’s name in your intention.
  • It is important to keep your supererogatory quick by making sahur. There are many benefits to getting up for sahur or intending for sahur.
  • After sahur, your intention is “I intend to keep my fast tomorrow for the sake of Allah.” You can include the statement.
  • Those who wish to can make their intentions after the sahur and begin the fast with prayers. Reading religious stories, Yasin, and the Qur’an will help you feel the spiritual saturation that supererogatory Fasting will bring you to the highest levels.

Is it allowed to fast on Day of Arafa What is Virtue, you ask?

break a vain fast

When is Nafilah Fasting

  • Three months are known as the most fertile months of a year. These are the months where voluntary fasts are observed.
  • The first 3 days Rajab and the first 10 Muharram days, 13-14-15 each month, are the most important. This day is considered voluntary fasting.
  • If the person fasting is healthy, he can fast as long as he likes for 3 months.
  • It should be remembered that fasting for 3 months is not recommended by any religious source. According to the hadiths, it is a good idea to fast for a specific period of time.
  • If you are going to keep the supererogatory fast, it is important to know which days of the three months coincide each year. These blessed months are known from religious publications.

What are the Types Of Nafil Fasting

The most fertile months are the best. Supererogatory Fasts for 3 MonthsThese are explained under multiple headings. It is sunnah to observe voluntary fasts. Anyone can follow it. We will now answer the question: What are voluntary fasts?

  • Shawwal FastingShawwal is the month following Ramadan. The fasts in this month are similar to Shawwal. It is a vain fast. Circumcision is a form worship.
  • Ashura FastingThe day of Ashura falls on the 10th of Muharram.
  • Fasting 3 days a month:It is sunnah not to fast on the 13th-14th or 15th days of every month. This rule will allow you to fast for 3 days each month.
  • Fasting of ZilhijjaFasting is observed the 10th day Dhul-Hijjah. This day falls on the first day of Eid al Adha, according to the calendar. It is not necessary to fast on the first day Eid. Fasting for the first nine days of this month can bring you great rewards.
  • Monday – Thursday Fasting:These days are the best for fasting. If you follow the sunnah of our Prophet you will also receive reward.
  • Saban Fasting: Hz. The Prophet used fast often in Shaban. It is sunnah that you fast in this month. It starts at the end of Ramadan.

Types of Fasting in our Religion, Names, and Meanings

vain fasting

Is it possible to fast without getting up for sahur

Ramadan’s Most Special Rosaries

What Time is Ramadan Feast Prayer? How is it done?

What is Suhoor? When does it begin and end? What is the significance of fasting?

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