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Tooth brushing, does it invalidate fasting? Religious Answer

Is Fasting invalidated by brushing teeth and dental treatment?

Some questions arose again as Ramadan approached. One of these is whether brushing your teeth breaks the fast. This is one the most commonly asked questions in Diyanet.Accordingly, the Diyanet issued an official statement.

Ramadan brought back issues related to dental and oral health. People who try to avoid getting water or paste into their throats while fasting are looking for ways to prevent this from happening.

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Is it possible to brush your teeth while fasting?

The Presidency of Religious Affairs made sure that everyone was clear about the issue by posting information on situations that break fast on its website. Tooth brushing is not an excuse for fasting The latest statements on the official page of the Presidency of Religious Affairs…

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Is it possible to brush your teeth while fasting?

  • Is brushing your teeth a break in the fast?This is one agenda for Ramadan.
  • Ramadan is a fasting month for many people who give priority to their dental care.
  • After the consumption of delicious food, it is possible that some residues may remain in the teeth and mouth. Small food residues can cause tooth decay and lead to poor oral hygiene.
  • A foul-smelling sensation occurs in the mouth due to both prolonged hunger and dehydration.
  • Is it possible to break the fast by brushing your teeth?It is an issue that has been brought on the agenda and aimed at increasing awareness.
  • Keep these things in mind if you plan to fast during Ramadan Is it possible for fasting to brush teeth while brushing your teeth?Have a concern? Let us provide the best information from the most reliable sources.
  • You should not use toothpaste while caring for your teeth. Is it possible to break the fast by brushing your teeth with paste?You might be surprised.
  • If you have ever heard the call to pray while brushing your teeth at the time of sahur, Is it permissible to brush your teeth while the azan is being read?The question is open to you. This is the time to satisfy that curiosity!

Diyanet answered questions regarding whether it is okay to brush teeth while fasting. Let’s take you to the official Diyanet statement on its website.

“Rinsing the mouth with water without getting water in the throat does not break the fast, nor does it break the fast by brushing teeth (al-Fetava’l-Hindiyya, I, 220). The fast will be broken if toothpaste or water get into the throat. Given the possibility of breaking fast, it is important to brush teeth before imsak, after iftar, as well as not using paste while fasting.

  • According to the Diyanet’s statement, it’s okay to brush teeth while fasting. Is it possible to break the fast by brushing your teeth with paste?If you are unsure, brush your teeth while you brush. If water or paste gets into the throat, the fast will be broken.This is why you need to be extra careful if you brush your teeth while you fast.
  • You may be concerned that toothpaste might be absorbed through the gums, tongue, or palate.Is toothpaste a fast food?You might be thinking. You may be thinking.
  • Is it possible for fasting to brush teeth while brushing your teeth?This is the most common question to the Presidency for Religious Affairs. This is the most common question the Diyanet receives on the subject. It asks whether chewing gum or spraying your mouth with mouth cleaners can cause bad breath. The Diyanet has the following answer to this question:
  • “Everything that is taken from the mouth and nose and reaches the stomach invalidates the fast. In this respect, if sprays and similar substances that are sprayed into the mouth to prevent bad breath or to relieve toothache are swallowed and reach the stomach, it invalidates the fast, and if not swallowed, it does not break it.”
  • “Because chewing gums produced today contain additives that dissolve in the mouth, it is not possible to avoid swallowing them, no matter how much care is taken.This type of chewing gum is not suitable for fasting. (Ibn bidîn, Reddu’l-muhtar, III, 395, 396). On the other hand, chewing gum should be avoided while fasting, since it cannot be known which type of gum does not break the fast.”
  • Brushing your teeth before fasting is recommended. It is best to not brush your teeth while fasting, unless there is an extremely serious condition. If your teeth must be brushed while you fast, it is better to not use paste.

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Does brushing teeth while fasting break the fast?

Does a miswak break the fast or not?

  • Hz. The Prophet (saas), used miswaks to clean his teeth.A toothbrush is now preferred to a miswak. For those who use miswak, the Presidency for Religious Affairs’ statement on brushing teeth is still valid. If water or paste is ingested while brushing, it is a violation of the fast and must be stopped.
  • According to religious interpretations, it is sunnah that you use miswak for ablution. Our Prophet used miswak for mouth cleansing. This knowledge does not allow you to include miswak in the list of things that can invalidate fasting.
  • To avoid breaking the fast, it is important that water and other products don’t get into the throat.Unintentional water ingress into the throat can happen by accident. This is why those who make this error will have to break their fast and make up the difference.
  • According to studies saliva production in your mouth decreases when you fast. Because bacteria can’t be cleaned, there may be a bad odor in your mouth and tooth decay. More bacteria can settle in the mouth if the teeth aren’t cleaned after sahur. Do not forget to brush your teeth after eating sahur and iftar. Cleanliness comes from faith.
  • As Ramadan draws near, you might be confused about what break the fast. You may be unsure if blood is necessary to break the fast, if vomiting is allowed, and if creams or creams are acceptable.
  • Our site has many related articles that can answer your questions. You can quickly access the results using the search button. We wish you a happy Ramadan filled with joy and spirituality.

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