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Sahur Prayer Arabic Recitation, Turkish Meaning

The Most Beautiful Suhoor prayers: May Hearts Be Full of Peace!

During Ramadan days Fasting begins before the morning prayer during the first hour of the morningRevolt ensues in households. The kitchen makes tea and prepares breakfast for sahur. Sahur is Ramadan’s most fertile hour. Hadiths are a way to express the importance of Sahur Time in Islam.

Our Prophet; “Eat at sahur; because there is abundance in the sahur meal.”He encouraged Muslims to take part in sahur. After the meals at sahur are over, prayers are offered for gratitude and thanksgiving. At the time of sahur, prayers are said. “sahur time prayer”It is called.

Ramadan Sahur prayer and Iftar prayer attains spiritual fulfillment. We have written an article about the prayer that should be read at sahur to ensure the sanctity and enjoyment of Ramadan’s sweet rush of Ramadan.

How then is the sahur prayers done?It can be recited in precious moments when Muslims intend to fast. Prayer words for SahurWith their original meanings and pronunciations Prayer of sahur in Arabic and Turkish With best wishes Intention and prayer for sahurWe will be glad to receive you at our lines. We hope that this Ramadan’s fasts will be accepted and that prayers will be answered.

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sahur prayer with pictures

How to Pray Sahur

  • Prayer is a concept that exists in all of humanity.
  • It also includes gratitude for the food you eat.
  • It is the expression for eternity and abundance.
  • It is well known that prayers made in a sincere manner will be accepted.
  • The language of the person who recited sahur prayer is the best source of fertile sentences. The sahur table’s taste and quantity increases. Sahur prayers are available in Turkish and Arabic. In either case, the meaning of Sahur prayers is even more important.
  • Prayers, which are part of Ramadan’s sacred duties, have a greater meaning at the times when iftar or sahur.
  • The warm pita smell and the family members’ hands gathered around it, the sahur prayers as well as the iftar prayers flow out of the tongues.
  • The words of sahur prayer are full of deep meanings.
  • The blessing, the sahur that brings families together, and the most sincere of wishes are made a part of these prayers.
  • The prayer of intention, which is said after the meal, is very important in the Sahur.
  • I pray for sahurIt ensures that the intention to fast is communicated verbally and reinforced by using a pattern.
  • Religious scholars recommend that you reinforce your intention by using words, even though getting up for sahur can be considered a fasting intention.
  • Fasting is for Allah. “I intend to fast for the sake of Allah…”He starts to pray.
  • As if getting up for sahur was an intention, so is voicing this statement.
  • If there is a crowded table at the sahur, the prayer is said together.
  • If there are children at your sahur table, the sahur prayer can also be said in a brief form to help them remember it better.
  • This makes it easier for children to control the sahur and instills the feeling of fasting.
  • Spiritual relaxation can be achieved by the sahur prayers
  • When the energies of a new day take shape Praying at dawnIt makes it easy to make your day more productive.
  • People feel more peaceful throughout the day thanks to this prayer at sahur.
  • Sahur wish prayerThis is also a good time to pray for whatever you desire for inner peace, health, abundance, or health.
  • Pray for sahur to help you fall asleep easily.
  • Sahur prayer, which has a high level of spiritual value, makes you feel more at sahur.
  • People who wake up from their sleep and feel instant stress can experience it.
  • You can experience spiritual saturation by doing the sahur prayers.
  • sahur prayerIt is a powerful prayer that brings peace to Ramadan nights.

Prayers to be recited on the first day Ramadan. Worship to be offered

sahur prayers

Arabic Recitation of Sahur Prayer, and Turkish Meaning

  • Prayers that are made in unity of spirit at the time of Sahur express gratitude and patience.
  • spokenPrayer of sahur in Arabic and TurkishFasting creates an insatiable peace inside the hearts and minds of those who fast.
  • Fasting: Addressing the souls of those who will listen Sahur prayer in Turkish or ArabicHe closes the table by his words.
  • Suhoor prayer takes only a few minutesIt doesn’t matter how long the journey is, spirituality beyond the time opens the doors to the journey. It also opens the doors to eternal peace in both the hearts of the listener as well as the person who prays.
  • To make your family and friends happy at sahur time, sahur prayer picture messagesYou can send
  • This will make your loved ones happy during sahur. After you have had your suhoor dinner, we have prepared the prayers.
sahur prayer short

The following is a prayer that the Prophet recited in sahur:

“O our God, the Lord of this night and the sahur that will come a little later… Grant us to break our fast by being purified from our sins while we are reaching the iftars, Amen.”

The prayer of sahur is a way to make fasting more meaningful. It can also be expressed in Arabic words

“Allahumma inni es’elüke bi rahikellti vesiat kulle sheik’s most tağfirali”

Sahur prayer Turkish meaning:

my god! I ask for forgiveness from you with your vast mercy that covers all things. I also ask you to forgive my sins, mistakes, and faults.

sahur prayer words

The sahur prayers, which are easier to remember, can also be done using Turkish words. Suhoor prayer translated into Turkish

  • “O my refuge in times of trouble and distress, O my helper in times of hardship! I’m begging you. I am asking for your assistance and seeking refuge in You. I ask for Your help to get me out of my troubles and difficulties. Please come to my rescue and save me from all kinds of trouble.
  • O One who forgives many sins and accepts few deeds! Accept my few acts and forgive my many sins. Your mercy and forgiveness are evident. my god! I ask for a faith that unites my heart and a friend with whom I can trust that the only things you write will reach me. O most merciful of the merciful! Give me the strength to be content with what you have given me in my life.
  • O my Lord, who is my refuge in times of trouble, my friend in times of difficulty, and my benefactor in good days! You are the pinnacle of all my desires and desires! You are the one who will take my sins away, turn my fear into safety, and forgive me for my stumbles. So forgive my mistake. O most merciful of the merciful.”
sahur prayer

You can express the sahur prayer from your heart in either a short or long way. The important thing isn’t the length or the shortness of sentences, but the intent they contain. It doesn’t make sense to add or subtract words if the meaning of the prayer of Sahur is deeply felt.

If you are looking for a long prayer to recite, here is a prayer Abu Hamza used at the time sahur.

  • “My God; Don’t show me decency by punishing me. Do not let me fall into your trap. O Lord! I pray for a good outcome from wherever you are. How can I reach salvation? However, salvation is only possible through your grace. What a good deeds person is free of your help and mercy; nor can he come out of your power and tyranny who does evil deeds and opposes you and does not gain your pleasure.”
  • “O Lord, O Lord, O Lord! (He would repeat it until he was out. I was able to meet you. You pointed me to myself and invited me to come to your house. I wouldn’t know who you were if it weren’t for your assistance. Allah is the only one who deserves all praise. Allah, to whom he calls, responds to me. I am slack when He calls me. Praise be to Allah; God gives me what I want; whereas when he asks me to borrow money (to lend to his servants), I am stingy.”
  • “Praise be to Allah, that I call Him for my needs whenever I want, and I reveal my secret to Him without any intermediary, and He meets my need. Allah be glorified, that I don’t invoke anyone other than Him. Even if someone else called me, it would not produce any results. Allah be glorified, that I trust Him alone. If I put my hope in anyone else than Him, my hope will vanish. Allah is the one who took my affairs upon Himself and made me feel honored. He saved me from public ridicule by not leaving my name open to the public. Praise be to Allah, who made himself a friend to me even though he was swarthy of me.”
  • “Praise be to Allah, who treats me mildly as if I have not committed any sin. My Lord is the one I consider most worthy of praise, and I praise Him. My God, I see the path to direct my requests towards You. I see the fountains of hope flowing towards you full. Your grace offers your help to those who believe in you. All who call upon you have access to prayer. I know that you are the one who fulfills all the needs of those who hope. I know that I can rely on you to provide for my needs.

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sahur prayer intention

During Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Nihat Hatipoğlu also accompanies the sahur prayers in his TV program. Here is the sahur prayer with the sentences spilled from the language of Nihat Hatipoğlu:

“Allahümme kir sumtü ve bike âmentü ve aleyke tawakkeltü ve alâ rizkike eftartü ve savme ğadin neveytü”


“My God! Make my fasting this day as the true fasting, and my worshiping as the true worshipers. Wake me up from the sleep of heedless. Forgive me O Lord, who forgives sins my god! Your god!

Sahur prayer President Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas Of course, Erbaş’s prayer for all Muslims has been reflected in the broadcast in the past years:

“My Lord, we opened our hands, we pray to you, we beg, we pray, accept our prayers, my God! Pray to me, I ask you to accept our prayers. May Allah make Ramadan a blessed month for us. O Allah, accept our fasting. O Allah, grant us health. May Allah grant healing for the sick. O Allah, protect us against the dangers of disease and evil. You refer to fasting as our protection. Please protect us both spiritually and materially by fasting, my God. O Allah, grant healing and relief to our patients. We pray the same as our Lord, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them, accept our prayers, O Allah.

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