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Prepare Your Body for Fasting in 6 Steps

Healthy Eating Tips before Ramadan

Ramadan fastingAs our bodies are starved for a while, our metabolism will slow down. Fasting can cause a slowdown in metabolism so it is important to be careful with what you eat. We can prepare our bodies for Ramadan before Ramadan by increasing our metabolism. Fasting has many benefits, but it is important to prepare well before fasting in order to reap the benefits.

6 Steps to Prepare for Fasting

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eat Regularly
  • A Variety of Foods
  • Increasing fiber
  • Reducing Salt Consumption
  • Eliminating Sugar from Your Life

Because it is healthy beyond Ramadan, the popularity of the fasting diet has increased. Fasting will allow you to be more peaceful, spiritually and physically in Ramadan during this time when the benefits are better understood.

Before the 30-day fasting periodHow can we prepare our bodies for fasting?What can you do to keep your hunger at bay, resist thirst, and make it easier to change your diet? Request, It will prepare your body to fast before RamadanIt’s simple and effective advice

Let’s get down to the details:

Prepare Your Body to Fast in 6 Steps

1) Drink plenty of water

  • During sahur, iftar, when we will fastWe need to increase our water consumption in amazan. Calculating from 40 ml/kg can help you calculate your ideal daily water requirement.
  • For example, if you have 60 kg, you need to consume 60*4 = 2.4 liters of water per day.
  • You can flavor water if you don’t like its taste or forget to drink it. You can add cinnamon to your favorite fruit.
  • Instead of forcing your body to be dehydrated for long periods of time due to fasting, you can avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water.
  • To prepare for Ramadan, it is a good idea to clean your intestines. You can do this cleaning with fruit sliced ​​water or cinnamon water.

6 Healthy and Easy Ways to Speed up Your Recovery

Water Consumption

2) Eat regularly

  • Your metabolism will work more efficiently if you eat regularly.
  • The greater our chance of gaining benefits from fasting, if we are more balanced before we start it, the better.
  • During this periodWhat to eat with sahurHealthy foods are something you should choose for yourself. Start to eat the foods that you will eat in sahur during Ramadan.
nutrition in ramadan

3) Enjoying a Variety of Foods

  • Diverse diets are a foundation of a healthy lifestyle.
  • You will not get different vitamins or minerals if you eat the same foods every day. Your metabolism will slow down.
  • Fasting diet is simply adding all the food to the healthy eating list while fasting. It is the food that you should eat every day.
  • You can make your body more resistant against hunger by diversifying your diet prior to fasting.

How to Speed ​​Up Metabolism in Ramadan?

healthy eating

4) Increasing Fiber

  • Consume plenty of fiberIt protects against colon cancer, balances blood sugar and reduces constipation.
  • Our gut is our second brain. The more we take care of it the faster our metabolism will function.
  • Before Ramadan, ensure that you eat fibrous foods. Your liquid and solid intake will be reduced for a while.
  • Fibrous foods can help you keep your intestines healthy during Ramadan.
preparation for fasting

5) Reducing Salt Consumption

  • 1 gram of salt equals 200 ml in your system. Water accumulation is a result.
  • Salt intake too high Hypertension causes.
  • Reduce salt intake during Ramadan and other days.
  • Because cutting salt completely can cause iodine deficiencies, it is healthier to use it in a controlled amount.

6) Remove Sugar from Your Life

  • Daily if you only add 2 cubes sugar to your tea, and you drink 5 glasses of it daily 160 extra calories you get it. This is what it’s all about40 days to make 7000 caloriesIt is as much as 1 kg of fat.
  • Additionally, because it is a simple carbohydrate it is stored directly in your belly.
  • Not to mention the decay of your teeth…
  • What comes to your mind when the topic of fasting is brought up? Most people will respond that this is desserts for iftar. However, it’s important to reduce sugar as much as possible for our health.
  • This habit is possible by evaluating the pre Ramadan and, of course, the Ramadan month.

Five Tips for Healthy Ramadan Eating

sugar free diet

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