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Istanbul Iftar Venues: Top 8 Tips

Istanbul: Where to Have Iftar?

Ramadan came with its blessings. The kitchens are racing against the clock because of the sweet rushes. The little joys of the iftar tables will be remembered for making the pilaf, pastries and mixing soups. Wouldn’t it be nice to reward yourself by opening your fasts at different locations, even for a few more days, this year? You can make your family happy by opening your fasts in different places, even for a few days. Istanbul’s best iftar spotsWe did some research. We are glad to present the results. Istanbul iftar places 2022 It will be filled with joy during the month of Ramadan in the year of Ramadan…

Istanbul’s Iftar Locations

  • Bayramoglu Doner
  • Antakya Restaurants
  • Çataltıkapı Social Facilities
  • Fatih Karadeniz Pidecisi, İbrahim Usta
  • Bean Restaurants
  • Tepeli Konya Cuisine
  • couplet
  • Fevzi Hoca Fish Restaurant

It will welcome its guests with its elegant presentation, attentive tables, and delicious tastes. Istanbul fast-breaking places Anatolian SideIstanbul’s every corner is home to your family and friends. European sideThe residents will also get their share of this article.

The excitement and peace that comes with fasting will be overtaken by the joy and satisfaction of iftar. Turkish coffee after meals can also help to relieve a hungry stomach. These are prepared to make Ramadan even more enjoyable and to help you feel better. Istanbul’s Iftar locationsThis article is for you. Istanbul restaurant iftar menusYou can find the details about the restaurant in this article. Then you can make your choice.

A city of culture Istanbul’s Iftar locationsIt is here for you!

Istanbul Iftar Venues: Top 8 Tips

1) Bayramoglu Doner

Bayramoğlu Döner, which has been in service for 30 years and conquered the hearts of those who love doner kebab; It has been pleasing its guests for 30 years with its friendly staff. Emphasizing that a good doner is possible with a quality meat selection, Bayramoğlu DönerMaster cooks delight guests with their delicious doner Kebabs with lavash, prepared in the Tandoor Oven. They are ready to welcome all their guests and do not limit themselves in Ramadan service. Bayramoglu Doner invites all who claim they would like to taste doner Kebab at the iftar table.Istanbul has many places to have Iftar If your priority is to equip the table with plates that will come from experienced hands, we think you will be satisfied with Bayramoğlu Döner.

Address: Rüzgarlıbahçe G- 69 Street No: 2 Kavacık – Beykoz

Communication: 0216 413 00 45

European Side Iftar Places: Top 11 Restaurants

Bayramoglu returns

2) Mediterranean Hatay Table

You can enjoy breaking your fast in a sparkling restaurant at Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası, which stands out among Istanbul Aksaray iftar venues with its spacious atmosphere and rich iftar menu. Antakya-style tables are sure to delight, as the restaurant uses products made by peasant laboring mothers in its iftar menu. It would suffice to say that Antakya barren and roasted eggplant with yogurt, as well as raw meatballs with meat, are all served at the beginning. After the local soups that change every day, lamb tandoori, almond bilav, paper kebab, chicken grill decorate the iftar table… The closing is made with the traditional dessert of the Antakya region, künefe, and Güllaç, which is among the favorites among Ramadan desserts. Bonne alimentation!

Address:Ahmediye Cad. No:44/A Fatih/Istanbul (on Vatan Caddesi, next to Historia AVM). (2 minutes from Aksaray metro Station. 5 minutes to Haseki Tram Station

Communication: 444 7 247

Istanbul Iftar Time, Ramadan Imsakiye, Iftar Hours

Mediterranean Hatay Table
Source: istanbul.com

3) Çataltıkapı Social Facilities

Ramadan eveningsSeascapeWould you like to relax? A wonderful iftar dinner will await you when the serene sea view meets the comfortable interior. Working to please their guests with their rich menus in Ramadan evenings, Çatladikapı Social Facilities employees are waiting for you to make an appointment to provide you with better service. After iftar, it would be a great idea to enjoy your foamy coffee by the sea. Ideal for large parties and family iftars.

Address:Kennedy Caddesi No: 3 Sirkeci Beach Road Immediately Opposite Sultanahmet Junction, (next to an oil station)

Communication: 0212 517 34 82

Istanbul Boat Tours: Iftar Dinner

crackedkapi social facilities

4) Fatih Karadeniz Pidecisi, İbrahim Usta

Fasting people can eat almost any food as long as they are close to the call to prayer during Ramadan’s evenings. He will try all the unusual flavors. If it is a bit boring for you to see the classic meat and chicken dishes on the lists while the iftar menu is being prepared by the restaurants and you want to try alternative flavors, you can break your fast at a different table at Fatih Karadeniz Pidecisi İbrahim Usta. If you are a Black Sea food lover, Delicious pita with Trabzon butter is the basis of an iftar menuIt will please your palate. You will have a more pleasant experience if you make a reservation. This delicious stop will satisfy those who long for their homeland.

Address: Zeyrek Mahallesi Buyuk Karaman Caddesi No: 45/ 47 Fatih

Communication: 0212 523 97 95

fatih black sea pide maker ibrahim master

5) Bean Restaurants

Istanbul restaurant iftar menusWe discovered a delicious, vegetable-oriented option while doing our research. We wanted to add Fasuli Restaurants as an option. Turkish cuisine haricot beanA pilaf is served right next to the rice after it is spoken. This menu is complete with the pickle that comes with your rice. When you want to open your Ramadan iftar outside and get up from a hearty table with classic tastes, your address will be Beyoğlu. Fasuli Restaurant will help you to ease the stress of the day while you feel peaceful in this authentic and decent place. You are invited to come and enjoy home-made dried beans as well as other treats!

Address: Kemankeş District Kılıçali Paşa Caddesi No: 6 Beyoğlu Istanbul

Communication: 0 212 243 65 80

iftar places in istanbul

6) Tepeli Konya Cuisine

Istanbul’s best places to have iftarA restaurant should have the spiritual depth of Konya. Let’s not forget Konya cuisine if you plan to spend your weekend eating iftar outdoors. These dishes are prepared with Seljuk flavors Konya cuisineRamadan will also give you unforgettable tastes. It is impossible to recommend eating bread with meat in Konya.

Address: D-100 Güneyyanyol Caddesi No: 12 Topselvi Mahallesi Kartal

Communication: 0216 353 55 54

hill konya cuisine

7) Byte

For those who travel to Istanbul during Ramadan we have a suggestion of a place worth its name. Beyti hosts the best Ramadan meat and invites all who wish to have iftar in Istanbul. It’s not too late to meet your loved one at the iftar table in this authentic and decent location. Beyti, which offers a variety of flavours and menu prices that are comparable to the market, is an ideal place to be during Ramadan.

Address: Şenlikköy Mahallesi Orman Sokak No: 8 Florya Bakırköy

Communication: 0212 663 29 90

iftar places in istanbul

8) Fevzi Hoca Fish Restaurant

Fevzi Hoca Fish restaurant is located in Istanbul Umraniye. It offers a great view of Istanbul and welcomes you to sit at your table. It is possible to have a meal with your loved ones at the Ramadan iftar table or to eat fish at the Ramadan dinner table. This place has an iftar table that can be prepared to your liking. Hot soups, salads, or other treats will increase the flavor of fish.

Address: Ihlamurkuyu District, Bülbüldere Street, Ümraniye / Istanbul

Communication: 0216 611 61 61

iftar places in istanbul

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