Is It Possible to Fast Without Intention? Religious Answer

Is it right to fast without intention?

Is it allowed to fast without intent?With Ramadan approaching, the question was resurrected. People who couldn’t wake up for sahur or forgot to make an intention after sahur began to search for the answer.

Is it acceptable for someone to fast without intent?The best sources for the answer to your question are the most reliable. False information can lead to confusion if it is written from unreliable sources.

We used the Presidency for Religious Affairs as a reference in this article.Here are the most current details about Ramadan fasting with no intention

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Is it possible for someone to fast without intention?

The Presidency for Religious Affairs stated that fasting without intention was possible.

“Intention is one of the conditions of fasting. Fasting without intention is invalid. It is sufficient to have an intention with your heart, but it is mandub that you express the intention with your tongue. Waking up for sahur for fasting is also considered intention.”

  • Is it possible to fast without intent?To clarify the question, let’s add the word sahih to the definition of worship performed in accordance all conditions.
  • Mandup is, however, a good and religiously pleasing act that can be done, but it shouldn’t be harmful to not do it.
  • Ramadan fasting allows you to set intentions for fasts that will be observed on certain days. must.
  • Otherwise, intention during the day will not be permissible (Kâsânî, Bedâî’, II, 85). These fasts can be found here“To keep the fast tomorrow”Absolute intent suffices. However, it is better to set the Ramadan fast for tomorrow at night than to make the intention at the beginning of the day. You must make an intention for each day (Mawsili al Ihtiyar I 397, 400).
  • The intention for the qada and kaffarah fasts must be stated from sunset to the time of imsak. When intending such fasts, it should be stated as “something like accident, kaffarah or votive fast”.
  • According to the Shafi’i schoolAll fasting, except for nafilah, should be done at night. “If the intention is not made until the time of imsak, the fast of that day is not valid. However, voluntary fasts are possible until the sun reaches its peak (Shirazi al-Muhezzeb I, 331-332).

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Is Fasting Acceptable without Intention?

According to the Presidency of Religious Affairs’ statement:

“Intention is one of the conditions of fasting. It is not permissible to fast for sahur but not make intention. While it is sufficient to make an intention with the heart and to get up for Sahur with that intention, it is essential to speak this intention with your tongue. But getting up for sahur for fasting can actually be considered a kind of intention.”

  • Well Is fasting accepted if there is no intention?If you’re looking for the answer to this question, the most important thing is your desire and determination in your mind.
  • Let’s give a brief explanation to those who want to know if they can fast without any intention before rising for sahur during Ramadan.
  • Religious scholars stress that sahur does not have to be a requirement for religious faith, but that it can provide a way to reap the blessings of sahur.
  • Doctors say it is better to get up quickly and do sahur for your health.
  • Ramadan fasting, supererogatory fasts or missed fasts are allowed until the sun reaches its peak next day.
  • It is important to not eat or drink after imsak and to not do anything that could break the fast.
  • Each day of Ramadan should have its own intention. These fasts can be described as “Tomorrow’s fasting” or “Tomorrow’s Ramadan fast”.
  • If redemption or accident fasting is to take place, it must be done after sunset at the latest. While holding this and similar fasts, it is correct to make the intention by stating the reason for the fast to be kept as ‘… to the fast of qada, kaffarah or votive offering’.
  • It is recommended that the person who stands up for sahur use his tongue to intend. The fast will still be accepted if the intention is not made in the event of forgetfulness or distraction. You can also prepare for fasting by getting up for Sahur.

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Is it a sin for someone to fast without intention?

  • It is also a common question to ask about fasting and breaking it without intent.
  • Atonement refers to the punishment for intentionally breaking an already-established fast.The accident of the day is considered if it is not intended. This expiation does not mean that you have to keep the fast without intention or break it without intending.
  • Without intention, break the fastThe subject’s religious evaluation is made using the main thoughts of one’s heart, and the sight of Allah. If the person doesn’t intend to fast with the thought, “If I can bear it, it will not make sense.”
  • This context does not make sense of fasting to set aside by saying whether or not you intend to fast.
  • It is also important to consider the conditions of breaking the fast. It is not wise to break the fast for unrelated reasons. However, breaking the fast due to unexpected circumstances or health issues can be remediated later.
  • It is possible to break the fast without having any intention from time-to-time.
  • In the case of bad or sudden events, it is impossible to make an intention and break the fast. Because such days are rare, it cannot be said that it’s a sin to break a fast without making an intention.
  • If the fast is to happen in a planned way it will be more appropriate to express intention.
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