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Is it possible to fast on the Regaip Kandil?

The Virtue of Fasting at Regaip Kandil

The Regaip lamp was the first lamp to be considered important in our religion. Name this fertile evening re-ga-beroot word; It is a desire for something very much. The important night of Islam’s birth was named after the word regaip. It means to make an effort towards achieving the desired thing.

The regaip oil lamp was a celebrated event at the beginning of 18th century. Preparations for the regaip oils lamp were made in advance in zawiyas and dervish lodges. For this special night, poets were needed. “regâibiye”He wrote the poems they called. Scholars stressed that it was important to pray often and to mention the name Allah frequently. The regaipo oil lamp continues these traditions today.

One of the most popular worships during the Regaipo oil lamp is Fasting with Regaib lampKeep it. You can reap many rewards by fasting with the reed oil lamp. Now, to you Fasting with the regaip oil lampWe will give you the information that you need when you ask. You can fast for the sake this fertile night by reading our article.

Why are you fasting from the Regaip oil lampWe will provide examples from the hadiths for those who are curious. These are the most insightful sources.

What is the Virtue of Fasting at Dhu al-Hijjah When is it held?

Is it possible for Regaip Kandil to be fasted?

  • People who wish to feel the blessings of Kandil night may choose to fast on these days.
  • Those who wish to fast can make the sahur and then fast at the regaip olive oil lamp.
  • Let’s clarify those who claim that the Religious Affairs has made any clear statements on this matter.
  • According to the Diyanet’s statement, there is no harm in fasting three months.
  • The reverse is true. Those who can afford it quickly will reap the rewards.
  • If the person is healthy, he may fast within three months, especially during regaip oils lamps.
  • Adults and people who have reached puberty can fast during the regaipoil lamp and other worships.
  • It can also be confusing to ask whether a Votive Fast is held during the Regaip Oil lamp.
  • The intention is what you use to shape the oil lamp. The intention must be stated from the evening to the mid-morning so that the votive can be kept fast.

Shawwal Fasting – How is it Intentioned and When Is It Held

How Many Days Is Regaip Kandili Fasting

  • Diyanet officials in 2022 are often asked how long the Regaip oil lamp is kept fast.
  • Fast on this auspicious night.
  • If you are healthy, you can fast for Regaip Kandili which is the first Friday in the month of Recep.
  • Remember that this fast is not for just one day.
  • You can fast the Regaip Kandili if you wish.
  • It is possible to fast in the Regaip Oil lamp, but it is more virtuous to do it in two.

Is it fasting during the Mevlitkandil?

Regaip Kandili fasting

What Day Is Regaip Kandili Fasting and When?

  • Those who want to fast for Regaip must wait until the first Friday of each month of Recep.
  • Regaip Lamp Fasting is observed on the first Friday of Rajab.
  • If you have any questions about the date of the regaip lamps fasting in 2022, February 3, 2022 is it.
  • The Regaip Oil Lamp, which is calculated each year according to the Hijri Calendar, is held on February 18, 2021.
  • It is a good idea to get up to the sahur in order to keep the pace going.
  • You can make the Regaip lamp’s intention clear by adding the emphasis of its lamp to the general fasting intention sentence.
  • While making his intention, he said, “I have intended to fast for the sake of Allah with the regaip lamp. Accept it, Lord! You may say.

What is Nafilah Fasting exactly? Is Redemption Necessary?

regaip candle fast intention

What is Regaip Kandili’s Fasting Reward and Virtue, and how can you get it?

  • Religious sources often emphasize that fasting the Regaip Oil lamp is a virtue. The repentant person’s prayers will be accepted on this auspicious night.
  • You will reap the rewards of fasting and praying during Rajab month.
  • This month is called ‘Recebü’l-asabb’; This is because the month of Rajab is the month of kindness.
  • The month in Rajab, where our Prophet fasted most after Ramadan, is it.
  • It is not mandatory to fast on the night of Regaip. This fasting falls under the category of supererogatory fasting.
  • If you are able to think deeply about today’s meaning, the reward of fasting in front of the Regaib oil lamp will be more meaningful. Good deeds are a way to move along the path of evolution with goodness.

Is Eid fasting?

how many days is the regaip lamp fasting

Hadiths on Regaip Kandili Fasting

  • Allah forgives all who fast during Rajab month. (Gunye, 1/330)
  • A person who fasts one day, with the exception of Ramadan, to please Allah, will be as far from Hell that a good racehorse would be in a century. (Abu Yala, Musnad, 3/61, no: 1486)
  • ″The prayer made in the following five nights is not rejected: Friday night, Regaib night, Berat night, Eid-al-Fitr night and Eid-al-Adha night.” (Beyhakî, Şu’ab’ul-İman, Hadith No: 3558)
  • “Fasting on the first day of Rajab-i Sharif expiates minor sins for three years, fasting on the second day for two years, and fasting on the third day for a year. After that, every day is a month of forgiveness and forgiveness of minor sins.” (see al-Hallal, City of Fadailu Rajab-Daru Ibn Hazm, 1416/1996-/ p.62; Kenzu’l-Ummal, h. no: 24261)
  • Time flies just as fast as it did when Allah created it. Twelve months make up the year. Four are haram. They all come one after the next. The month of Rajab, which falls between the months Zilkada/Zilhijce, Muharram and the months Cemaziye’l-ahir/Shaban, is that of the Mudar tribe. (Bukhari, Tafsir, Surah, 8.9)
  • “The month of Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.” (Aclûnî, Keşfu’l-Hafâ, 1/423)
  • Rajab is a large month. Allah multiplies His good deeds during Rajab. Rajab will reward anyone who fasts for one day.The gates of hell are shut to those who fast for seven days.
  • 8 gates to heaven will be open to those who fasted for 8 days.
  • Allah grants what is desired to anyone who fasts for ten consecutive days. A caller said that those who fasted for 15 consecutive days were forgiven of their past sins. says.
  • Allah put Noah aboard the ship in the month Rajab. He fasted during Rajab. He ordered his companions to fast. (Taberani, Kebir, 9/197, no: 8877)
  • If a Rajab faster is pious, the days of fasting are remembered and they will say, “O Lord! Forgive him!” (Safuri, Nüzhetü’l-mecalis, 1/144)

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