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Is it permissible to fast on the Day of Arafa? What is Virtue?

The Virtues and Rewards of Fasting on the Day of Arafa

According to the Hijri Calendar, the day before Eid al-Adha 9th day of Dhul-HijjahThe day of Arafa is also known. It is also used to refer to the day before Ramadan Feast.

Arafa for Prophet: “The most virtuous of days is the day of Arafah. Virtue is like Friday. He is more virtuous that the seventy pilgrimages except Friday. The prayer made on the Day of Arafa is the most powerful. The most powerful word that I and all prophets before me spoke was: Lailahe illallah vahdehu la sharia lehu.” (God is one, there is no god but Him, He has no partner). (Muvatta, Hajj 246)

Fasting during Ramadan ends with Eid. One question, however, confuses many. Is it permissible for Muslims to fast on Ramadan’s eve?Religious officials bring up this question every year during Ramadan. Because; Is it possible to fast on Arafa Day?This is a question employees often ask. Is it permissible for Muslims to fast on Ramadan’s eve?This article will provide you with information.

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Is it allowed to fast on the Day of Arafa

  • Fasting on the Day of Arafa is possible for those who wish to.
  • Fasting is one of these recommended acts for worship.
  • Arafa is the day for preparations.
  • Fasters can read as many prayers as the worship of today.
  • Arafa, the ninth Day of Dhul-Hijjah has a significant place in religion.
  • It has been decreed, that all those who fast on Arafa Day will have their past and present yearly sins forgiven.
  • There is a hadith that says fasting on Arafah day is acceptable. “It is hoped from Allah that fasting on Arafah will forgive the sins of the past and the next year.” (Muslim, Siyam, 196-197)
  • You can fast on either the eves of Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha. You will reap the rewards of keeping a fast these days.
  • If you fast on Arafa Day, you can plan your sahur-and-iftar according to the prayer times.
  • With imsak, sahur is over, and with evening prayers, fasting is over.
  • There is no set rule regarding fasting on the Day of Arafa. Those who wish to fast on this blessed occasion can do so. People who desire to perform other acts in worship without fasting may also do so in rewarding ways.
  • The Day of Arafa is a very holy, unifying day.
  • This day is made even more productive by meeting at crowded tables, and fasting on request.
  • Those who desire can continue the day, by fasting on the Day of Arafah then opening it at the hour of iftar.

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What is the virtue of fasting on the Day of Arafa Day?

The virtue of fasting on Arafa Day is another question that fasters often ask. Fasting will make you a good person in the eyes of Allah. For those who have the financial means, they can fast on Arafah to do good works. How important is it to fast on Arafah Day?

Fasting on the Day of Arafa is a great rewardIt is a behavior. The virtue of fasting on Arafa DayIt is also mentioned in religious texts. If we go into detail about this subject, Hz. It would be appropriate that we start with a hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (saas).

“Abu Qatada (ra) says: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), was questioned about fasting on the Day of Arafa. He also stated that “Fasting that Day will Atone for the Sins of the Past and the Next Year.” (Muslim)

One of Beyhaqi’s narrations says that Hz. Aisha (ra), said the following:

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Fasting on the day of Arafa is like fasting for a thousand days.” he would say. (Taberani)

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  • You can fast on the Day of Arafa to end Ramadan and receive a reward.
  • Fasting before Eid al Adha is a good practice.
  • Those who fast on the day of Arafa (which is the 9th day Dhul-Hijjah) can pray to make that day better.
  • He can complete Arafah’s day with good behaviours such as making the poor and orphans smile, meeting in prayer, feeding the hungry and keeping the hearts happy.
  • The most precious day Allah values is the Arafa Day. Fasting on the day Arafa is one of the acts that Allah values.
  • One of the most beneficial fasts is to fast on the Day of Arafa. This is the equivalent of supererogatory fasting.
  • Those who are able to afford it and have the strength to endure the fast can do so on the Day of Arafah.
  • To increase the virtues of the Day of Arafa. On that day, the pilgrims make the foundation and pray in Arafat. It is often prayed for spiritual support.
  • It also increases your reward for fasting on Arafa Day.

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fasting on eve

Hz. Aisha however, suggests the following regarding fasting on the Day of Arafah

  • “On no day does Allah free a servant from fire as much as on the day of Arafa. Allah approaches the creatures with His mercy. He takes pride in them and asks: What do they want?’ says.” (Muslim, Hajj 436)
  • “I hope from Allah that fasting on Arafah will atone for the sins of the previous and next year.” (Tirmidhi, Savm, 46 (749); Ibn Majah, Siyam, 40)
Is it fasting on the day of Arafa?

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