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Is it permissible to drink water while reciting the Azan in Suhoor?

Is Fasting invalidated by drinking water while you are reciting Adhan?

Ramadan fasters are subject to special obligations and responsibilities. This holy month has spiritual rules that will give the soul and body the benefits it promises. Many people are curious about the details of fasting during this time.

People who are going to fast for the first-time want to do everything necessary to fast well. Many people have questions that they are curious about, but can’t get an answer to during Ramadan. One of these questions is:Is it permissible for Ramadan to consume water while the azan reading? becomes a question.

Is it possible to fast without getting up for sahur

Fasting people should drink water at both sahur (and at iftar). The importance of water is often stressed by clergy Is it permissible, at the time of sahur, to drink water?You can also find the answer to this question on this page.Is it allowed to drink water when the adhan is being read?It has been a topic that has confused many people.

For you, it is Is it permissible for water to be drank while Diyanet is being recited Diyanet, or is it not?We have added your comments. Is it allowed to drink water after adhan is recitedRead our article to find out the answer. We will now reveal one of the most important things to pay attention to when sahur is being fasted.

This article is for those who don’t know whether they should drink water while the call of prayer is recited at imsak.

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Is it permissible for me to drink water while I recite the Azan In Suhoor?

  • Is it permitted to drink water when the azan is being read?Before we answer the question about when to stop drinking water at sahur – we want to remind you what sahur means.
  • The time of sahur refers to those who fast in Ramadan each year.
  • Preparations are made to ensure that the fast can be maintained throughout the day. The intention is set after the sahur table is prepared, which is filled up with healthy and satisfying food, and the fasting period begins.
  • The morning prayer signals that the sahur has ended.
  • After you get up from the sahur tables, you will hear a call for prayer. It tells you that your drinking and eating are over.
  • It is time to sahur. This reminds you to stop eating and drinking until the time of iftar.
  • Ramadan’s important period is the imsak. The morning prayer is recited and those who will fast make their intentions.

What is Suhoor, exactly? When does it begin and end? What is the importance of fasting?

Is it permissible to drink water while the azan is being recited?
  • Get plenty of water at sahur. For this reason, many people wonder whether Nihat Hatipoğlu and other experts have said about this issue.
  • Experts believe that drinking water at the moment of sahur is safe for a limited time.
  • Drinking water and eating should cease when imsak is upon us.
  • If water is in your mouth and the call for prayer has begun while you are drinking, it is okay to swallow the last drop of water and take a bite.
  • However, if you have knowingly and willfully started to drink water while the call is being recited, or if you continue to drink water up to the end of the call, it is not appropriate for religion.
  • According to Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen, if the crumbs left in the mouth after imsak time is smaller than chickpeas, then the fast is not broken; If they are larger than a chickpea, the fast is broken and it has to be made up.

What Time is Ramadan Feast Prayer? How is it done?

Is it okay to drink water while the azan is being recited?
  • A small amount, such a sesame kernel or wheat grain, between the teeth will not break the fast. The fast can be broken if the thing is taken from outside and swallowed.
  • Religious officials interpret the expressions in religious resources to remind us to stop drinking and eating after the call to pray.
  • You are advised to have completed all work before adhan due to the respect shown to those who fast or the time of sahur
  • Fasting will be easier if you listen to the adhan calmly, with intention.
  • It is okay to fast by accident if the adhan is being read while you are consuming water.
  • Is it permitted to drink water when the azan is being read?You can find the relevant verses of the Qur’an to get the best answer to the question about when fasting begins. Religious Affairs responded to the question by quoting the following verse.
  • “Eat and drink until you distinguish the light of dawn from the darkness of night (during the nights of Ramadan). Then complete the fast (without eating or drinking or having sexual intercourse) until the evening.” (Baccarat, 2/187)
  • Nihat Hatipoğlu underlined that there is no need for an interruption like a knife in the act of eating and drinking with the adhan. You can have a few bites of food and drink water until the adhan ends.
  • To fast at sahurIs it permitted to drink water when the azan is being read?After answering the question, you might have considered whether water should be drank while the call for prayer is being recited.
  • The question of whether to drink water while the adhan is recited is also a question answered by Nihat Hatipoğlu. You can break your fast as soon as the prayer time is over.
  • It is sunnah that you listen to the adhan and then repeat it. This will allow you to choose to break the fast immediately after the adhan.
Does drinking water during the adhan break the fast?

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