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Is It Fasting While Traveling, How Many Km Is It Valid?


Diyanet Announced: Conditions for Expeditionary Fasting

Ramadan is the month where people fast. If you want to fast in a sensitive manner, make sure to answer all the questions. Clear and reliable answersThey call. One of the most frequently asked questions is about Sultan of 11 Months, which is one of Ramadan’s most fertile months. Is it allowed to travel fast?It’s happening. Is the expedition fastingIt is possible to do so.FastingWe searched for an answer to your question.

It is important that you get information from the most authoritative authorities on religious matters. Religious Affairs also describes the form of expeditionary fasting.Is it possible to travel Diyanet while fasting?It is a topic that is addressed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs every year. It was brought up by the Presidency for Religious Affairs this year and people’s curiosity about fasting was answered.

What is expeditionary fasting?This article is for those who want to know what the conditions are for expeditionary fasting. Also, how many kilometers can expeditionary fasting be valid. These lines can help you to remember the fasting rules and get from one city to the other during Ramadan.

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What is Expeditionary Fasting?

  • Let’s first explain what expeditionary fasting is. Expeditionary fasting refers to the fast that a person will not observe if he travels to another place than his home.
  • People may travel during Ramadan for many reasons.
  • Fasting may be a concern for someone who is a chauffeur, or who travels to cities for work.
  • The long journeys and being in various cities without food or water can make people think. However, this is also made easier by Islam.
  • If you’re going to spend 15 consecutive days at home in a different city than your home during Ramadan and if you’re going to travel 90 km away from your hometown, you can quickly end the expedition to save it for later.
  • How to make an expeditionary fasting intentDiyanet answered the question “Should there be an intention to embark on an expedition?” The answer is as follows: “A person who is going to go to a place with a travel distance (at least 90 km) in Ramadan may not intend to fast overnight. However, if he sets out on a journey during the day after having intended, he should not break his fast unless he finds another legitimate excuse during this journey.”

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expedition fasting how many km

Expedition Fasting Valid for How Many Km? What are the terms?

Islam is the religionExpeditionary fasting conditions determined. These are the conditions for fasting on a journey:

  • The travel distance is the most important aspect of the expeditionary fasting condition.
  • Expeditions can be done quickly if you are going to travel to a location at least 90 km from the city where you live.
  • If a person stays more than 15 days in a city he visits, he is no longer a visitor and must fast there.
  • If it takes less than 15 calendar days, he can be accepted as a guest at destination and does NOT have to fast. He can choose to break the fast by accident, or he may keep it.
  • How many days were not fasted at end of the journey It is important to observe the accident fast during those days.
  • We can emphasize the 90 km condition for those who answer the question “How many kilometers is the expedition running fast?”

Is it allowed to travel fast?

  • It is possible to fast while on a trip. Ramadan is a great way to get a reward if the fasting person doesn’t have to disrupt his work or cause any harm to his health.
  • People who travel long distances, particularly drivers, should continue to drink and eat to keep their eyes open.
  • They drink water, coffee, and tea to disrupt their sleep.
  • People who travel for long periods of time often feel hungry. You don’t have to fast to satisfy your hunger or thirst. Then he can make up the difference by going to the accident.
  • If they can bear it, people who travel 90km can fast during Ramadan. They can also have their iftar wherever they travel.
  • Answer to the question whether you should fast on a journey is yes. However, it is also possible to leave it to chance.
  • Ramadan fasters cannot be taken to mean that they have received a reward.

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Is it permissible to fast while traveling?

Is it sinful to break the fast when traveling?

  • It is believed that consciously breaking the fast constitutes a sin.
  • In some cases, however, the fast can be broken involuntarily. This is the case for certain diseases.
  • If the doctor feels it is necessary, and if the patient is in an emergency, the doctor will give an injection or food-fortified serum. The fast must be broken.
  • What should you do if your fast is being broken while on a journey. It is considered a sin to break an intentional fast. If it is done accidentally for the purpose to keep it later, it is forgiven.
  • One person who plans to travel on a long-term journey but suddenly needs to travel on it may break his fast.
breaking the fast while traveling

Expeditionary Fasting Verse

The Qur’an contains verses about expeditionary fasting.

“(Those numbered days) are the month of Ramadan, in which the Qur’an was revealed as a guide for mankind, as clear proofs of the right path and the separation of truth and falsehood. Let him fast if he reaches this month. If someone is ill or a passenger, let them keep it on other days until they are able to. Allah wants to make your journey easier, not more difficult. …” (Surat al-Baqara, 185)

Surah Al-BaqaraExpeditionary fasting verseA second verse on fasting is:
“If he divorces you, his Lord may give him wives better than you, Muslim, believing, obedient, repentant, worshiping, fasting, widowed and virgin.” (Verse 5 of Surah Tahrim)

Rumours abound that:

Hz. Radiyallahu Anhâ narrates the work:

Hamza ibn Amr al–Aslemi Radiyallahu Annh asked the Messenger Allah pbuh about fasting on the journey. He was a fasting individual.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), responded as follows:

“Keep it if you wish, do not hold it if you wish.”

(Bukhari, Savm: 33; Muslim, Siyam: 103; Muvatta, Siam: 24; Tirmidhi, Savm: 19; Abu Dawud, Savm: 42)

According to another rumor

Hz. Enes Radiyallahu Anh explains:

“We were together with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Some of us were fasting, while others were not. He neither condemned the fasting person nor condemned the non-fasting person.”

(Bukhari, Savm: 37; Muslim, Siyam: 98; Muwatta: 23; Abu Dawud, Savm: 42)

expeditionary fasting conditions

How to break the expeditionary speed?

  • It can be confusing if the expedition was fasted on the road while the city was being changed.
  • According to the Religious Affairs statement on the subject, fasting should not be broken at the time iftar is in the destination.
  • If the fasting person is traveling in a plane, which is at high altitudes then he should wait for sunset before breaking his fast.
  • If you are traveling by land, the fast will be broken according to the iftar hour of your destination.
  • How to break the fast on a journeyLet’s answer the question of those who believe there is a difference depending on what type of vehicle we are driving.
  • You can break your fast if you travel by bus, car, or ship. If you’re traveling by plane, the disappearance or the end of the sun can be used to break your fast.
expeditionary fasting conditions

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