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Is It Fasting During the Mevlit Kandil?

The Virtues of Fasting the Mevlit Kandili

A Muslim who fasts has a different sense of peace at any time of the year. Fasting has specific times, but anyone can fast for as long as they wish, provided they follow the rules. There are times when it is not possible to fast. Fasting is a great rewardMore than any other day. One of these days, the Mevlid oil lamp.

Mawlid is a very important date for Islam. Hz. This special night is known as the Day of The Prophet’s Sending to The World. It represents rebirth. This day of oil lamps is filled with many blessings, peace, and joy.The Muslim world is more careful in their worship.

The Mevlid oil lamp, also known as the birthday of the Prophet, is celebrated in most Islamic countries. The Prophet is also celebrated in some Islamic countries. They live to fulfill their worship. Is it fasting during a mawlid candleShe wonders.

Is it possible for Mevlid Kandil to fast during the Mevlid Diyanet?It is a topic that has been clarified. The virtues of fasting during the mawlid CandleIt is found in many religious sources. Is it worth fasting during the mawlid candles? How to fast on a candleWe will answer questions like:

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Is it fasted during Mevlid Kandil

  • The Mevlid Kandili celebration will take place on Friday, October 7, 2022.
  • On this day, you can fast and still pray.
  • This behavior is not considered a religious offence. It is viewed as an act worship worthy of praise and appreciation by Allah. There is also no information in religious sources about fasting on this night.
  • If you fast on the birthday of the Prophet, and if the people around your fast, the reward is very high.
  • Fasting on the Day of Mevlid Kandili and praying abundantly and at Hz It is recommended that you read the life of Prophet.
  • Some people may not want to fast during the mawlid candles. This view is expressed in religious sources.
  • “The day the Prophet was born is a feast. If the Muslim world gets together with their loved ones on this Eid day, chats and remembers our Prophet, the reward they will receive will increase.”
  • You can choose to fast or not during the mawlid candles. Those who wish to pray to Hz can do so in this night, which does not require them to fast. Remember Mohammed. People who do not fast when praying often mention Mohammed’s name to their spouses and friends.

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What is the Virtue to Fast During the Mevlid Kandil

  • Tonight is the most important evening after the Night of Power. Because Hz. It is Muhammad’s birthday.
  • Fasting on a day like this enriches the spiritual world.
  • We pray abundantly to remember the Mevlid Kandili, our Prophet, and we ask for your prayers, Hz. You can often mention Muhammad’s name.
  • This auspicious day can be spent with prayers by reading Mevlid.
  • Fast on the night of Kandil, and then the next day, and you will see an increase in the good works you do.
  • The following hadith is to be remembered when you fast at a candle:

Hz. The Prophet (saas). “Worship in the middle of Sha’ban (that is, the night of berat), fast during the day. Allah manifests himself in the sky with the sunset that night and says, “Is anyone asking me for forgiveness? I forgive him. Is there no one who needs sustenance? I give it to him. (Ibn Majah, İkâmetü’s-Salat, 191).

Fasting on Mevlid Kandili day and after Iftar “Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammad and ala ali sayyidina Muhammad.”Spiritual saturation is possible.

When is Berat Khandili Fasting, and How is it Intentioned

Is it possible to fast during the mawlid candle?

How to Fast for Mevlit Khandili

  • To fast on the day Mevlid Kandili you must get up for Sahur and make an intention.
  • In the sahur, Muhammad prepared a healthy Sahur plate and the next day Hz. Fasting can be used to honor Muhammad.
  • It is important to express your intentions honestly. If you are sincere in your intentions, it is possible to be sincere. These sentences can be repeated until it becomes imsak.

“I intend, O Allah, to fast tomorrow for you and our Prophet in the month of Rabiul-Awwal. Accept it, Lord.

Those who observe accident fasting can say: “My God, I intend to keep my accident fast at the Mevlit Kandili tomorrow. Accept it, my Lord.

It can be said that those who fast on Mevlid Kandili day live by the meaning of the day. If Fasting on Mevlid KadiliYou can do the same actions as you did during fasting on other days if you wish. You need to be aware of the sahur times for your city. After making sahur, it is possible to make an intention and follow the meaning of the night up until the moment when iftar occurs. You can pray for and help those in need.

Hz. It is recommended to continue your worship after breaking the fast on this blessed day when Muhammad’s memory will be cherished. Both those who wish to fast and those who don’t want to fast can meet on Mevlit Kandili night and exchange good wishes for humanity. This is a way to increase the virtue of fasting. People who forget to make an intention at the time sahur can still express their feelings when they awake in the morning.

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