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Iftar Places on the Anatolian Side – Delicious Recipes

Best Iftar Places in Anatolian Side

The blessed month has arrived, eagerly awaited for over a year. The most beautiful rush for the sultan has begun after 11 months. The cabinets’ deficiencies will be corrected and the showcase’s embroidered plates will be revealed. Ramadan should be celebrated in every way. For family members and valued guests, the best and most memorable tables will be prepared. In this Ramadan rush, wouldn’t it be nice to take some time for yourself, even for a few days? Iftar is the best way to reward yourself this Ramadan.

Anatolian Side Iftar Places

  • Develi Atasehir
  • Hacıbaşar Kebab and Baklava
  • Pottery Dry Bean House
  • Şazeli Kısıklı Restaurant and Cafe
  • Goksu Marine Restaurant
  • Tike Restaurant
  • Historical Sen Restaurant
  • Bosphorus Terrace Meat
  • Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi
  • Bridge Restaurant Kuzguncuk

This is our article. Iftar on the Anatolian SideIt has been prepared for those who are looking to have an iftar on Anatolian side or those who do preliminary research. Anatolian side iftar menus featuring Ramadan specials and average pricesHere are some places where you can feel satisfied. This ramadan Anatolian side iftar dinnerYour loved ones and your family can be included in your programs.

Istanbul residents know that life is hectic. If you fast during Ramadan, it is possible to have little energy for preparing an after-work iftar dinner. You will feel much better if you eat at a decent restaurant, especially on these days. Anatolian Side iftar placesYou can instantly make your reservation by browsing our list.

It is here for you The best iftar locations on the Anatolian side list. Enjoy and enjoy…

Best Iftar Places in Anatolian Side

1) Develi Atasehir

Istanbul Anatolian Side Iftar When you take a look at the suitable places for the restaurant, you can see that Develi restaurant is preferred because of its central location in Ataşehir. Therefore, when you want to spare time for yourself in 2022 Ramadan evenings, the address you will go to will be Ataşehir. Iftar menus where hot and cold appetizers accompany delicious main courses are waiting for you in Develi Ataşehir. Develi Ataşehir, which will delight you from drinks to desserts, is waiting for its guests this Ramadan to serve you with its friendly team. If you are researching places on the Anatolian side, let’s also mention that Develi has branches in Samatya, Kalamış and Tuzla.

Address: Vedat Gunyol Street No: 9 Kucukbakkalkoy Istanbul

Communication: 0216 575 68 68

Anatolian side iftar places

2) Hacıbaşar Kebab and Baklava

For those living in Ataşehir and its surroundings, we come with a proposal for a place that attracts attention with its delicious menus. Around 100 TL per headThis will be a great choice for those who are looking for a tasty and affordable place to enjoy iftar. Appealing to all tastes, Hacıbaşar Kebap Restaurant also offers delicious dishes such as curtain pilaf and lamb skewers in its iftar menus. From 1955 to the present Hacıbaşar Kebab masters, who continue to preserve their taste and quality as much as they do, will be happy to see you this Ramadan. Istanbul Anatolian Side Iftar If you think about where it can be opened in the region, you can choose Hacıbaşar, which continues the taste from the family tradition in the 3rd generation. Apart from Hacıbaşar Kebap and Baklava Ataşehir, which are especially suitable for families among the Anatolian Side venues, it also serves with its branches in Kurtköy, Erenköy, Göztepe, Acıbadem, Çekmeköy, Maltepe, Bahçeşehir, Kozyatağı and Ümraniye.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy District, Vedat Günyol Caddesi No: 24, Ataşehir

Communication: 0216 575 19 55

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3) Pottery Dry Bean House

Ramadan is a time when we eat traditional foods more often and appreciate their value more. If you prefer to go after a traditional taste among the Anatolian Side venue suggestions, you can choose Çömlek Kuru Bean Evi. If dried beans are among your favourites, then Çömlek Kuru Bean Evi, one of the places where dry beans are made most deliciously, is just for you. Çömlek Kuru Beans, which is the address of dry beans in ÜsküdarThe love and magic of the kitchen is what makes their food taste so delicious. Pottery Dry Beans is a place where everyone leaves satisfied. It’s ready to serve you this Ramadan.Iftar menu with changing main dishes dailyYou can prepare your meals from this location An average of 100 TL for each personSpending a small amount can get you a delicious and enjoyable evening of iftar. You can enjoy iftar in Çamlıca at Çömlek Kuru Bean.

Address: Kısıklı District, Turistik Çamlıca Street No: 50, Üsküdar

Communication: 0216 335 14 34


4) Şazeli Kısıklı Restaurant and Cafe

Şazeli Kısıklı Restaurant Anatolian Side iftar placesIt is known for its meat dishes. Stating that cooking meat is an art, Şazeli Kısıklı chefs are going to the kitchen to prepare more delicious and satisfying meals for you at iftar evenings this year. These stylish presentations are for meat lovers and people who refuse to give up.They stand behind the quality of their meat. We wish you a nice Ramadan with your family and loved ones in Çamlıca, the heart of Istanbul.

Address: Burhaniye District, Nurbaba Street No: 27 Kısıklı, Üsküdar

Communication: 0216 401 27 27

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5) Goksu Marine Restaurant

For residents on the Anatolian Side, iftar is important too. It is possible to prefer seafood to traditional iftar. After fasting, grilled fish will be a lighter option due to their nutritional content. Göksu Marine Restaurant, which offers you a peaceful environment on the shore of Anadolu Hisarı, Menus featuring fishIt is also a popular choice. It is a great place to eat fish during the evening of Iftar. Outdoors and spaciousThe structure of this place will leave you satisfied. Their salads and appetizers are delicious, just as their food. When you want to spend an iftar day outdoors with your loved ones, your Beykoz stop can be Göksu Marine Restaurant. This place can be enjoyed the serenity and peace of Ramadan. It can also be listed as one of the most peaceful places on the Asian Side. It’s worth a try.

Address: Korfez Caddesi, Kizil Serce Sokak No: 20 Beykoz (Korfez street)

Communication: 0216 332 03 94

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Goksu Marine

6) Tike Restaurant

Tike restaurant has 9 branches Exclusive menusSince its opening, it has been a delight to its guests. You will also enjoy a better experience if you have your own parking space. You will enjoy a delicious and enjoyable evening with more than 10 menu choices. Famous for its appetizers, Tike Restaurant will be the right address for those looking for an iftar place in Kadıköy. Visitors as always iftar dinner We think that you will leave the venue with a smile on your face as “special guests”. You can also turn your route to Suadiye if you like the Tike restaurant suggestion that you found while searching for quality places on Anatolian Side.

Address: Suadiye Mahallesi Plaj Yolu Sk. Suadiye Park A Blok Door No:18/2 Flat No:3, 34740 Kadıköy/Istanbul

Communication: 0216 380 57 57

tike restaurant

7) Historical Sen Restaurant

How would you like to spend an evening of the sultan of 11 months in Bostancı with your family and loved ones? Historical Sen Restaurant Delicious and hearty iftar menusRamadan is at your disposal. Historical Şen Lokantası, which prepares menus suitable for every palate, opens its doors to please you. You will love the venue and taste of the historical Şen Lokantası. Tasting the healing soups such as kelle paça in the historical Şen Lokantası is highly recommended by the food and beverage gurus of the Anatolian Side.

Address: Bostancı Mahallesi, Vukela Caddesi, No: 10 Kadıköy

Communication: 0216 361 02 09

festive restaurant

8) Bosphorus Terrace Beef

If you are thinking about the places with terraces on the Anatolian side and you intend to have your fast-breaking meal in a scenic environment, you can choose Boğaz Teras Et. You can choose from a variety of starters, which are accompanied by the smell of the sea. The main course is ali gentle kebab. The closing is with gullaç, the most famous of the Ramadan desserts. For 280 TL, you can get an unlimited supply of soft drinks and an Iftar menu. We wish you a calm evening and good food.

Address: Emirgan, Sakip Sabanci Cd. 5/1, 34467 Sariyer/Istanbul

Communication: 0212 229 03 29

throat terrace meat

9) Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi

Hilton Istanbul Kozyatağı, which has an important place in the title of stylish places on the Asian Side, brings traditional flavors together with its guests at the Brasserie Restaurant during the month of Ramadan… You can enjoy Ramadan delicacies at the open buffet iftar menu in the high-quality atmosphere of the Hilton brand. 390 TL per person is required to pay for the iftar menu. It also includes unlimited soft drink.

Address: Sahrayi Cedit, Batman Sk. No:4, 34734 Kadıköy/Istanbul

Communication: 0216 468 00 00

hilton cocoon

Bridge Restaurant

Bridge Restaurant Nakkaştepe, one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to peaceful places on the Anatolian Side, welcomes its guests. This is the ideal place to break your fast while enjoying the Bosphorus view. At the Bridge Restaurant, you can break your fast by expressing gratitude for the blessings received during Ramadan.

Address: Nakkaştepe Yolu Baba Nakkaş Sokak No:56 Bağlarbaşı 34632 Istanbul

Communication: 0216 391 95 85

bridge restaurant

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