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How to Make Fasting and Intention Prayer for Fasting?

How to make Ramadan fasting prayers?

Ramadan is a month filled with joy and peace. It is the sultan of eleven months. After the preparations of iftar, sahur, and the 30-day fasting period, delicious tables are set up to bring families together. Fasting PrayerIt is especially intense at crowded tables before the start of iftar and elicits intense emotions in the heart when it’s made by the older members of the family. Ramadan is a month that brings spiritual wealth.It is also celebrated with tarawih prayers and excitement when it comes to the evening.

Ramadan is a month that is very important for Islam. It allows people to pray from their heart. All intentions and prayers are for Allah. Fasting prayer and its significanceIt is the month of Ramadan’s beauty. Every peaceful word that is spoken in the language is given as a reward. For this month to be blessed, the needful prayers are said and the poor are encouraged to come to our attention.

Minutes before the iftar, call to prayer Fasting PrayerThis helps to relieve the pain and makes food more valuable. Fasting PrayerArabic for those who are familiar with it. Spilled from the tongue using Turkish words Fasting PrayerIt is one of the most precious moments of iftar.

8 Common Mistakes When Fasting

It doesn’t matter how long or short the fasting prayers are. Usually, the elder sings it. Fasting prayer should be kept short It may be short or it could be very long. It is important to pray from your heart. Fasting prayer in Arabic or TurkishIt will always be remembered in the hearts of those who have done it.

Prayers pouring out of the heart and tongue are the rewards of fasting and eating for the sake Allah. Prayers can be read on a piece of paper.Fasting prayersIt is important that all prayers are pure and without any ambiguity.How to pray fastingIt is not necessary to memorize it. It is not necessary to remember.

Fasting PrayerIt is sometimes called the prayer to break the fast. But this is a false statement. Breaking the fast means that the conditions for fasting are not met. Now, to you The prayer of intention to fast, and the prayer for openingWe will explain. These lines will allow you to read the prayers that should be said before and after the sahur.

Prepare Your Body for Fasting with 6 Steps

How do you pray for fasting?

Prayers before breaking the fast are a great reward. Fasting and prayerIt is important to read it slowly, keeping in mind the spiritual significance of the prayer. The following prayer can be used to pray in Arabic if you wish. It is often used by religious scholars.

“Allahumma yâ vasi’al-magfireh iğfirlî ve li-validayya ve li-üstâziyye ve lil-muminîne wal muminât yevma yekumulhisâb.”


“O my God, whose forgiveness is so wide! Forgive me, my parents, my teacher, and all believers, male and female, as the day of Judgment is taken into account!”

After you have taken your first bite, it is possible to pray.

“Zehebezzama’ vebtelletil urûk ve sebe-tel-ecr insha-Allahu ta’ala.”


Hunger and thirst are gone. We got our reward, hopefully. (Ibn Majah)

Before you break the fast, read the prayer of Master the Prophet.

“Allahümme stain sumtü wa bike âmentü ve aleyke tawakkeltü ve alâ rizkike eftartü, fe takabbel minna. Inneke entes-semiül scholar.”


“O Lord, I fasted for your pleasure. I believed in your goodness, I trusted you, and I hung on. Accept my worship by having iftar with your sustenance. You are surely all-hearing, all-knowing. (Abu Dawud)

Here’s another prayer you can add as an iftar prayer:

“Allahümme lek sumtu ve bike cremtü ve aleyke tawakkeltü, subhaneke ve a rizkike eftartü veli savmel’ ğadin min city ramazane neveytü fagfirli ma kaddemtu vema ahhertü.”


“My God! I fasted for your sake, I believed in and leaned on you, and I broke my fast by eating the food you provided. I also plan for tomorrow’s fast. Please forgive me for past and future sins.

This prayer can be used to pray in Turkish and Arabic, before the adhan text is read.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahîm. Alhamdulillahi’llezî et’amenâ ve sekânâ ve cealnâ minel muslimîn. Nimetu celillullah, Berakati Halillullah Intercession ya Rasulullah, Külû ve’şrabû ve lâ tüsrifû, İnnehû la yuhibbü’l müsrifîn bi.


“Praise be to Allah. Allah is the sole source of all praise. All praise belongs Allah. Allah is the one who gave us food, water, and made us Muslims. Eat, drink, and don’t waste. He doesn’t love the wasteful. Surah Fatiha asks that you do not increase nor decrease. Amine…”

7 Scientific Benefits to Fasting

fasting prayer

What is the Prayer of Intention to Fasting and How does it Work?

  • There are many benefits to praying during Ramadan. It is recommended to pray at the sahur and iftar.
  • Fasting during sahur is especially beneficial.
  • Additionally Fasting intention prayerIt is also an occasion that should be remembered and strengthened: the bond with God.
  • How to fast at sahurIf you say: You can read the prayers in this list:

The sahur prayer of the Prophet:

“O our God the Lord of this evening and of the sahur which will soon.. Grant that we may break our fast by being cleansed of our sins while reaching the Iftars.

Another prayer that you can read is:

“Either kurbeti in mefzei, or violence in gavsi, ileyke fezi ve bike willestu, and bike luztu la eluuzu bi sivake vela etlubu’l ferece illa minke, fe eğisni ve ferric enni, ya men yekbelu’l yesire ve ye’fu eni’l kesiri, ikbel minni’l yesire, ve’fu enni’l kesire, inneke ente’l ğafuru’r Rahim, Allahumme inniy es’eluke iymanen tubaşiru bihi heart, and close hetta a’leme ennehu len yusiybeni illa ma ketebte liy, and razzini mine’l ayşi bima kasemte li, ya erheme’r rahimin. Either uddeti fi kurbeti or its owner fi violence or veliyyü fi ni’meti ve yağayeti fi ragbet ente’s satiru awret, ve’l aminu rev’eti ve’l mukiylu asreti, fagfir li ğatieti ya erhamerrahimin.”

The meaning of this expression is:

  • O my refuge in times trouble and distress, O me helper in times hardship!
  • I’m begging you. I need your help.
  • I ask only that You help me get out of my troubles and difficulties.
  • So, come to me and save my troubles.
  • O One who forgives many sins and accepts few deeds!
  • Accept my few deeds, and forgive all my sins. You are always kind and compassionate.
  • my god! I need a faith that unites my heart and I want a friend who can help me believe that only the things that you wrote to me will reach you.
  • O most merciful of the merciful! Give me the strength to be content with what you have given me in my life.
  • O my Lord, who is my refuge in times of trouble, my helper when I’m in difficulty, my benefactor during my good days, and the pinnacle my desire and desire!
  • You are the one who will take my blame, turn my fear into safety, and forgive me for my mistakes. So forgive my mistake.
  • O most merciful of the merciful.”
fasting and fasting intention prayer

Fasting is a form worship that feeds the soul, body and mind. Prayer is an important tool on the path to evolution.Fasting and praying AndFasting and prayingIt is also extremely valuable.

Fasting in the company of prayersIt brings peace of mind to everyone. It is part of the communication between Allah, the servant, and Allah. Fasting prayers during Ramadan’s most blessed hours are blessed. Fasting and praying for the family are rewarded in the sight Allah. You can pray during Ramadan. It is possible to continue praying with the adhan.

It is one of the greatest acts of prayer to make at the beginning and the end of the fast.Praying at crowded tables increases the amount of food and drink available to the family, whether it is the oldest or the youngest. People who don’t know how to read can pray from a piece or paper. The month of Ramadan will be successful if you make intention, express your prayer of fasting, and follow these prayers.

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fasting prayer

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