Fasting in the Month of Rajab: Intention, Virtue

Fasting in Month of Recep: This is the Beginning of the Three Blessed Months

Rajab is one the most important months in Islam. Muslims would pay more attention and devote their lives to worship when this month arrived. The moon of the deaf is known as Rajab, the month of Rajab.Because Allah would not hear the sins of His servants during this month, He would only hear their prayer.

According to religious sources, this month is fertile. Fasting for the month of RajabIt is one the fertile months for those in good health who wish to fast as it is one the most appropriate periods for them.

The month of recep is the first of the three, and it is the most important.People who want to be forgiven for their sins will celebrate this time of worship. It is known as the month for intimacy, forgiveness, repentance and forgiveness. Hz. Today, the same fasts are observed as in the month Rajab during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

This is the article we prepared for you. How do you make it a point to fast during the month of Recip Diyanet?It will answer the questions of “What are the explanations?” Fasting for 3 monthsThese lines show the information that you will need to fast in Rajab’s month.

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How to Fast in Rajab

It is recommended that you make sahur when fasting in the month Rajab. It is important to fast for this month with respect and the intention to fast for the month Recep. The following sentences can be used as a way to declare your intention to fast in the month Rajab.

“O Allah, I am fasting tomorrow for your sake. You are patient. You love to forgive. Accept my fasting! Thank you for your kindness and respect, Rajab. Accept my fasts Lord! Amine.”

For the month of Rajab, the sentences above can be used as a declaration of intention. To reap the blessings and rewards of your fasts in Rajab, it is recommended that you have good intentions and do good works until the time of iftar.

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Virtues of fasting in the month of Rajab

What is the virtue of fasting in the month of Rajab

Fasting in Rajab is too rich to be summed up in a single sentence. This month is fertile for those who wish to cleanse their sins. Our Prophet, He tells us how vital the month of Rajab with the following hadith.

Our Prophet (saas) said: “There are five nights in which the prayers made on those nights cannot be turned down. These are the Rajab’s first Friday night (Regaip night) as well as the Shaban’s 15th night (Berat night). Friday nights. Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha nights”

If they have the opportunity, those who fast during this time can feed the hungry if they can. Worshipping is a great way to do good deeds for those who don’t have it. The following prayer can be recited 7 times per month in Rajab. You will be rewarded greatly.

“Estağfirullahe’l-Azîme’llezî la ilahe illâ hu el-Hay-yül1-Kayyûmu ve etûbü ilayh. To repent abdin tyrant li-nefsihî lâ-yemlikü li-nefsihî mevten velâ hayaten velâ nuşûra.”

In Turkish

“I seek forgiveness from Allah, who is the owner of life, who manages and maintains everything, and there is no god but Him. I repent to Him as a servant who has wronged others. He is such a servant that he has neither death, nor life, nor resurrection in his own name.” (Mecmuatü’l-ahzab, 1/599)

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What Day and When is the Month of Recep Fasting?

You don’t have to fast for Rajab. You will be rewarded more if your fast is on a few days. According to religious sources fasting on the first day of Rajab’s month is a fruitful form of worship. A hadith is available on this topic:

According to the narration of Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him), Our Prophet “It is a right upon Allah Ta’ala to enter Paradise for a person who fasts on the first Thursday of Rajab.”

  • The month beginning with Wednesday, February 2, 2022 is Recep. It will be transferred to Saban on March 4, 2022.
  • Those who wish to fast during this period can do so.
  • You should not fast uninterrupted.
  • Ramadan is a month that allows for uninterrupted fasting.
  • It is makruh for you to fast continuously during the month Rajab.
  • Because 3 days offYou can fasten.
  • If you are in debt from your Ramadan fasts, and want to fast a penance fast, you can evaluate the month for Recep.
  • How many days are you able to fast without incurring debt? In the current month of Rajab, you can keep your fasts for penance and get rewards.
  • This fast can be broken by breaking the fast at iftar.
  • Rajab fasting for men and womenIt is one of those fasts that can give rewards if it is kept for the sake. This fertile fast, which should be done intermittently and without subsequent fasting, helps to develop self-control and allows you to pay off debts that are impossible to keep on time.
  • You can also feel the joy and excitement of Ramadan while fasting during the month Rajab. You can increase the rewards of fasting by helping others and feeding the hungry.

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