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Famous Iftar Places in Sultanahmet – Delicious Recipes

Where can I fast in Sultanahmet

Istanbul’s history is well-known not only in Turkey, but around the globe. Istanbul is alive with activity and color because it has been home to many cultures throughout its history. It continues to show its hospitality to this day. Istanbul is known for its historic textures and social spaces that have retained their vitality over the centuries.

Iftar Locations in Sultanahmet

  • Serbethane Restaurant
  • Armada Terrace Restaurant
  • Sultanahmet Meatballs
  • Sur Fish Restaurant
  • IMM Halic Social Facilities
  • Matbah Restaurant
  • Cafer Agha Madrasa
  • Mihri Restaurant
  • Cretan Restaurant
  • Terrace Four Seasons Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet is a city that is well-known for its historical monuments and mosques. It almost reflects the European history. It is rare that there are not many people who have taken a souvenir photo of the Blue Mosque. These souvenir photos show even more people during Ramadan days.

Sultanahmet places ramadanIt is a place where people can say that it almost becomes a party place during Ramadan. If you’re looking for Sultanahmet venue ideas, you are definitely in right place!

This article is a great way to share the joys and excitement of Ramadan in Sultanahmet. Iftar locations in SultanahmetWe will share the list of Sultanahmet locations for iftar. It will then be your responsibility to enjoy it. Here it is.List of Sultanahmet iftar spotsWe wish you a happy Ramadan.

Sultanahmet’s Best Iftar Locations

1) Serbethane Restaurant

We begin the list of Sultanahmet’s beautiful places with a traditional setting. Şerbethane, which has made a name for itself with its hookah, will be happy to welcome you in the evenings of Ramadan. Testi Kebab is a special treat Şerbethane masters, who have prepared many kebab menus, will go to the kitchen for guests this year, as in every Ramadan. You will be refreshed by the delicious Ottoman Sherbets. You are invited to Şerbethane Restaurant for all special tastes!

Address: Küçükayasofya Street, Torun Street Arasta Market No:117 Sultanahmet Fatih

Communication: 0212 517 00 04

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2) Armada Terrace Restaurant

The Blue Mosque minarets call out to prayer, opening the fasts. The hungry stomachs will be satisfied all day with the meals served at Armada Teras Restaurant. The tranquility of the place and the breeze blowing from it will make you feel at peace. Armada Terrace Restaurant is the best place to go for a hearty and delicious iftar. Armada Terrace Restaurant offers a rich menu that covers every aspect of iftar. You can be certain that you will enjoy a feast. Enjoy your quick-food meal at Armada Teras and reserve your spot! Outside of Ramadan, you can also choose to dine at the Armada restaurant, whose name is listed on the Istanbul venue suggestions.

Address: Cankurtaran District, Ahirkapi Street No: 24 Sultanahmet Fatih

Communication: 0212 455 44 55

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armada terrace restaurant

3) Sultanahmet Meatballs

Sultanahmet Köftecisi, which has been the center of perfect meatballs since 1920 with the slogan of “the address of the unchanging taste”, is a popular place in all seasons. If you want to open your fast with a registered table of taste, you can choose Sultanahmet Köftecisi. You can choose from grilled meatballs and lamb skewers as well as soup, piyaz or rice, and semolina-halva with smoking. This restaurant, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Sultanahmet dining places, has branches abroad as well as in Göztepe, Ümraniye and Kağıthane.

Address: Alemdar Mahallesi, Divan Yolu Street, No:12 Fatih, Istanbul

Communication: 0212 520 05 56

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sultanahmet meatball shop

4) Sur Fish Restaurant

Sur Fish Restaurant, which is ideal for people who continue to eat fish during Ramadan will host guests with iftar menus they prepare all month. There are many flavors to choose from, including semolina halva and fish balls. Sur Fish Restaurant serves iftar with the healing benefits of the ocean.Sur Fish Restaurant is a great option for those who wish to try fresh fish at an iftar meal.

Address: Hobyar Eminönü Mahallesi, Kennedy Caddesi Sahilyolu No: 38/ 1 Fatih

Communication: 0212 517 53 02

surbalik restaurant

5) IMM Golden Horn Social Facilities

Sultanahmet is also famous for its cafes and it is possible to eat delicious meals at affordable prices in cafe-restaurant-style places. IMM Golden Horn Social Facilities. It is often preferred among the Sultanahmet locations where iftar is held. The iftar menus’ prices are very reasonable, as they include main courses and soups that are subject to change daily. A walk along the Golden Horn after iftar is a good idea. To enjoy Ramadan evenings with your loved ones, you can use IMM Golden Horn Social Facilities.

Address: Yavuz Sultan Selim District, Abdülezelpaşa Street 34083 Fatih

Communication: 444 1 034

ibb estuary social facilities

6) Matbah Restaurant

If you are looking to feel the warmth of Ottoman cuisine at a Ramadan iftar, we recommend you spend the evening at Matbah Restaurant. Its menus reflect Ottoman food cultureIt will show you different tastes, and you will be satisfied with the friendly service. Matbah Restaurant will provide you with a hearty, delicious iftar dinner!

Address: Sultanahmet Mah. Caferiye Sok. No: 6/1 Fatih

Communication: 0212 514 61 51

matbah restaurant

7) Caferağa Madrasa

If you want to choose among the historical restaurants of Istanbul and want to break your fast in Sultanahmet as a district, the best place to go is Caferağa Madrasa. This historical location, which was built during the Suleiman the Magnificent period, is a focal point of Ramadan. We recommend making a reservation before you plan your iftar. Its historical texture makes it stand out from other iftar options. You might not find a suitable place if you leave your plans unplanned. A rich variety of soups and delicious dishesIt provides a satisfying menu. It is a great way to have a relaxing iftar with your loved one.

Address: Caferiye Sokak Sogukkuyu Dead End No: 1 Sultanahmet Fatih

Communication: 0212 513 36 01

caferaga madrasa

8) Mihri Restaurant

Mihri restaurant is a good and peaceful option for those who are looking for a historic texture. It is located between Hagia Sophia Museum & Blue Mosque. 450 years of historyIt’s all taken care of. Mihri Restaurant is the perfect place to make your iftar plans. It smells like history. Soup, soups, and fast food optionsThere are many options available, so it is possible to be confused when selecting from the menu that appeals most to you. Mihri Restaurant is open for business during Ramadan.

Address: Cankurtaran Mah. Hagia Sophia Square No:2 Fatih

Communication: 0212 517 73 73

mihri restaurant

9) Cretan Restaurant

Let’s go to Giritli Restaurant to get fresh fish for iftar. Giritli Restaurant offers Ramadan iftar tables that are flavored with seafood. The freshest and best fish are served at this restaurant. At the Giritli restaurant, you will find a hearty Iftar menu that includes soups, salads and iftar dishes.

Address: Cankurtaran, Keresteci Hakki Sokak No: 8, Fatih / Istanbul

Communication: 0212 458 22 71

10) Terrace Four Seasons Sultanahmet

At Terrace Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet, you can see the Ramadan table and the stunning view of Istanbul. The Ramadan menus are specially prepared and will be enjoyed by many. Terrace Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet, a decent and comfortable place to eat iftar in Sultanahmet, is the right choice.

Address: Tevkifhane Caddesi No: 1 Sultanahmet Istanbul

Communication: 0212 402 30 00

iftar places in sultanahmet

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