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Does vomiting break the fast? Religious Answer


Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting a mouthful?

Only a few days remain for Ramadan, the most sacred month in the Muslim world. Many people are curious about how they can break the fast during Ramadan, also known as the Sultan of 11 months. The Presidency for Religious Affairs and teachers are often asked the following question: “Does vomiting break the fast?”

Involuntary vomiting is often a result of illness or hunger. In some cases, however a person may vomit intentionally or deliberately.Is it possible to vomit while fasting, whether intentionally or not, and make the fast invalid? Here are the views of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, which is the most authoritative media, on this issue…

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Is vomiting considered a break in the fast?

  • You will panic if your stomach is sensitive or you vomit several hours before iftar because of the effects of fasting.
  • Because of what you thinkIs fasting broken by vomiting while fasting?You might not be able to recall the answer in that rush.
  • Is vomiting allowed to break the fast, so that more people are informed?
  • This question is answered every year, so fasting people don’t panic when they vomit.
  • Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting, whether voluntary or involuntary?In case you are still unsure, let’s take a look to the Diyanet’s information.

Is vomiting considered a break in the fast? What does the Presidency for Religious Affairs have to say about this?

  • According to the statement made by the Presidency of Religious Affairs: “If a person vomits spontaneously and involuntarily, his fast will not be broken. The amount of vomit doesn’t matter. Even if one vomits involuntarily it will not cause any harm to the fast. Therefore, this situation does not require accident or expiation.”
  • But if a person eats a mouthful of his own will, effort and will, he will break his fast. This is why the “mouthful” criteria is so important. Fasts are not broken if there is no vomiting.
  • This information may be confusing to the person, who may believe that his fast has been broken when he vomits involuntarily.
  • If a person thinks his fast is broken begins to eat and drink, his fast will be broken in its true sense. This situation requires qada (or penance).
  • A qada means to fast on another day instead of the broken fast.
  • During Ramadan and religious holidays, accidental fasting is not permitted.
  • Fasting can be done any day except for these days.
  • If the fast was broken intentionally and in Ramadan, instead a single day, two lunar day, that is, 60 day, are fasted.
  • In other words: One must fast for 61 consecutive days in exchange for breaking the fast. This is known as penance. This is called penance.
  • If the fast is broken on accident day, it will be done again on another day. Penance is not necessary in such cases.
  • Nihat Hatipoğlu is one of the people who are asked the most questions during Ramadan. Does vomiting break the fast, what does Nihat Hatipoğlu say about it? Nihat Hatipoğlu’s answer on this issue is not different from the answer of the Presidency of Religious Affairs.
  • Nihat Hatipoğlu also states that involuntary vomiting does not invalidate the fast, while vomiting on purpose does not break the fast.
  • If you suddenly vomit while trying to count the seconds until you open iftar Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting during the adhan?The answer to this question will make you feel at ease.
  • Because involuntary vomiting doesn’t invalidate the fast.
  • Your fast will be broken if you make your vomit. You will have to make up the fast that was broken.
  • Different sects have different opinions on the subject of vomiting. Because Does vomiting cause Hanafi fasting to be broken?You can determine what is appropriate for each sect.
  • Unintentional vomiting is not allowed to interrupt the fast according to the Hanafi sect.
  • Is spontaneous vomiting allowed in fast Shafi?It is also a frequent question in the sect. Involuntary vomiting doesn’t break the fast for Shafi madhhab.
  • Is vomiting considered to break the fast in Shafi’i MadhhabIt is a question which is answered according to whether or not it is intended for people.
  • It is widely accepted that intentional vomiting invalidates the fast even if there is no food returning to the throat.
  • You might also wonder if vomiting excessively invalidates the fast, or if there is a problem in the amount. No matter how much you are vomiting, it does not invalidate your fast.

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Is it possible to fast if you swallow vomit?

  • According to the Presidency Religious Affairs, swallowing vomit is not a way to break the fast.
  • Not only vomit but also gastric juice and sputum. These things will not break the fast.
  • The fast can only be broken if the person vomits freely.

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Does vomiting a mouthful break the fast?

Questions About Vomiting During Fasting: Question – Answer

  • Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting a mouthful? A person who vomits involuntarily will not be allowed to break his fast. His fast will be broken if he eats a mouthful of food knowingly and willingly.
  • Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting? If you do not intend to vomit, the fast will not be broken. It doesn’t matter how much vomit you have. It doesn’t matter if someone vomits a little bit or a lot. He can still keep his fast going.
  • Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting and burping?The question is also related to the following question. The answer is the same because of similar involuntary vomiting.
  • Is it possible to vomit while brushing your teeth?In this instance, vomiting is not voluntary. Fasting does not interrupt, however, it is better to not brush your teeth, especially if you feel mild nausea.
  • Is vomiting blood a violation of the fast?:The fast can be broken even if you are bleeding from involuntary vomiting. All food that is put in the mouth must be thrown out.
  • Is it possible to break the fast by vomiting during the adhan?: Involuntary vomiting occurring before or during the adhan is not considered expiation or qada. This does not mean that the fast is broken. Fasts will not be broken if a person vomits during adhan
  • Does vomiting after sahur end the fast? Fasting doesn’t end if you vomit after sahur. If the person is vomiting out of habit, it’s okay! However, if the person is vomiting involuntarily and with a large amount of vomit, his fast will be broken.
  • Is Ramadan broken by vomiting?:Fasting that is held at any time during involuntary periods does not end due to vomiting

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Does vomiting break the fast?

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