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Does giving blood invalidate the fast? Religious Answer

Is blood donated during fasting?

For health checks, blood must be given. To perform health checks, or to detect a disease, blood is given. The blood donation process at health institutions takes only a few minutes and gives information about the individual’s diseases. The best results in blood donation are usually obtained when the donor has nothing to eat. If your doctor tells you that you should be hungry, or full, then you should follow his advice when you give blood.

During Ramadan (the sultan of 11 month), you might need to donate blood occasionally. You should not skip regular blood tests if you have a chronic illness. The following questions are the most popular among Ramadan fasters: “Does giving blood while fasting invalidate the fast?”

Does giving blood break the fastIt is a question that is reexplained each year by It is aimed at raising awareness of the entire society on this topic. Do not rely on unfounded claims Presidency of Religious AffairsIt is recommended that you adhere to the statement made by

Let’s now answer the question: Does giving blood to analyze your mind invalidate the fast? What does the Diyanet say about this issue? According to the sects as well as the statements made by the Presidency Religious Affairs You can decide to donate blood.

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Does the fast be invalidated if you give blood?

  • Due to routine or health issues, Ramadan may require you to donate blood.
  • You might have the following question before you go to the compulsory health check: Does giving blood break the fast
  • If you have a persistent disease and must go to the hospital during Ramadan Is it possible to break the fast by having your blood drawn?The answer to the question should be known.
  • Ramadan is a time when Ramadan is a popular time to ask this question. Does giving blood break the fastIt is one of the most frequently asked questions by Many people search for the best answer to this question.
  • If you’re fasting before you donate blood, you might wonder if it invalidates your fast.
  • Instead of worrying about whether giving blood during fasting will cause it to be invalidated, you can feel good reading the information we have provided from the most reliable sources.
  • The Presidency of Religious Affairs provides the most direct answer to this question.
  • Furthermore Is giving blood a way to break the fast? Nihat HatipoğluIt has been explained by experts who have a deep understanding of religion, such as
  • There are opinions that explain the importance of blood donation in fasting.
  • If a blood test is performed, it is said that the fast has not been broken since no food was taken into the body.
  • Because Is it possible to break the fast by giving blood for analysis?If you feel that you are not, you can have a test of your blood and wait with confidence for iftar.
  • “The fast of a person who donates blood while fasting during Ramadan does not break (Ibn Kudame, al-Muğni, IV, 50-52).”
  • It is said that fasting does not suffer if blood is donated in a medical emergency.
  • You can donate blood anytime during Ramadan without hesitation. Also, your health checks will be done.
  • Does giving blood break the fast is a question that is frequently raised and answered by Nihat Hatipoğlu.
  • Nihat Hatipoğlu’s answer to this question was that he would not break the fast like the Presidency of Religious Affairs did.
  • In some cases, differences of opinion may exist between denominations. Different situations will result in the invalidation of fasts for Shafi, Hanafism, and Alevism.
  • Fasts will not be affected if blood can be given in a hospital setting with all the necessary equipment.
  • If you have to give blood, you can fast and donate blood.
  • It is recommended to eat a snack after you donate blood even if your are not fasting.

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Is it possible to break the fast at Hanafi school by giving blood?

  • Hanafi school states that to break the fast, one must eat or drink from the outside.
  • Because no liquid is taken outside for the purpose of donating blood, it does not count as breaking the fast.
  • Hanafi members can donate blood during fasting and have their health checked immediately.
  • Is it possible to break the fast at Hanafi school by giving blood?You don’t have to stop fasting if you are still unsure about Ramadan. Fasting does not change if you give blood for this sect.

Is it possible to break the fast by giving blood in the Shafi madhhab

  • According to the Shafi sect donating blood is not an offense.
  • If you visit the hospital to donate blood, it is possible to have a test done on the same day as your fast.
  • According to Islamic scholars, statements made in religious sources and statements by Islamic scholars, blood donation does not invalidate a fast.

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Is it possible to break the fast by wearing hijama?

  • According to some rumors, those wearing hijama will break their fast.
  • Hz. Prophet (pbuh), “The fast of a person who makes cupping and has it done (who takes blood from the body for the purpose of treatment and has blood drawn from the body for the same purpose) will be broken.”
  • According to this myth, hijama should not be worn while fasting. You can decide the best time and environment for you to have hijama treatments.

Can Fasting Pregnant Women Give Blood?

  • It is okay for pregnant women, although it is not considered objectionable to fast. However, it is not recommended that pregnant women fast to live a healthier life.
  • It is important to keep the mother and baby energized throughout the day. Fasting can therefore be delayed until a more convenient time.
  • Can a pregnant woman fast while giving blood? Donating blood is not considered an invalid condition so blood can be given in this situation.
  • Tests should be completed immediately if blood is required for the test. Because blood is not harmful to the body, it does not affect fasting.
  • The food or liquid must pass through the mouth in order to break the fast. Because there is no such thing as blood donation, anyone can donate blood during this fasting period.
Does giving blood while fasting break the fast?

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