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Does Applying Cream Invalidate Fasting? Religious Answer

What is the best way to fast while using cream or ointment?

The factors that influence fasting are one the most frequent questions about Ramadan. Many people want to know in the best way how to break the fast. The Ramadan fasting community, on the other side, conducted extensive research into what will break the fast. One of the most frequent questions in this study was “What will break the fast?” Is it possible to break the fast by applying cream or ointment?It was a question.

We use sunscreen in summer to protect our skin from the sun, moisturizing lotions to moisturize our skin, nourishing hair creams, and muscle relaxants to relieve pain.Can we apply cream while fasting Is it possible for a fast to be broken by applying cream?

This question is being asked by hundreds. Those who are determined to be fast in the correct manner Is it possible to fast by applying cream?Or Is it possible to apply cream while fasting?These people are curious and want to know the truth.Does applying cream break the fast Religious AffairsOne wonders what he has to say about it, and every year the authorities make a statement.

Does applying cream to your body break the fastThe Presidency for Religious Affairs provided the most accurate answer to the question. Here are the statements made by the Presidency of Religious Affairs on the official website…

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Does applying cream break the fast?

Is it possible to fast by applying cream? Religious Answer

Does applying cream make the fast null? The Presidency of Religious Affairs has the following answer:

“Oil, ointment and similar things applied to the body through the pores on the skin and the capillaries under the skin are absorbed and mixed with the blood. This absorption by skin is slow and very limited.

This does not mean that you should stop eating or drinking. The fast is not invalidated by medicated tapes or ointment that is applied to the skin. Decision dated 09. 2005: see Merğînânî, el-Hidaye, II, 263-264; Kâsânî, Bedâî’, II, 98; İbn bidîn, Reddü ‘l-muhtar, III, 366, 367)”

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  • prof. Dr. Nihat Hatipoğlu also made statements on this subject. prof. Dr. Nihat Hatipoğlu’s statements are parallel to the Presidency of Religious Affairs. prof. Dr. According to Nihat Hatipoğlu’s statements, applying sunscreen or suntan oil does not break the fast.
  • Do you need to apply cream to your face? It is also quite curious because it includes both the mouth and the face.
  • Some people are concerned that some of the cream from the mouth could pass into the digestive system..
  • Does the fast be broken if you apply cream to your hands, or on your face? No matter what regionDoes applying cream to your body break the fast The questions can also confuse people who are fasting.
  • Presidency for Religious Affairs and Prof. According to the statements made by Nihat HatipoğluIs it possible to break the fast by applying cream to the skin?These questions can be connected to an answer.
  • According to the Presidency Religious Affairs, you can fast while using a pain reliever or moisturizer. The fast can be broken by applying cream to the face or body.Fasting allows you to apply your creams to your skin or body without hesitation.
  • This is the only exception to this rule. Lipsticks, creams, and lipsticks are the only exceptions. If these products are licked and the taste reaches your stomach, it will break the fast.
  • Creams are applied to the skin’s surface. It is impossible for any substance to get into the throat and stomach while you apply the cream. Applying cream is not allowed in situations that could cause the fast to be invalidated.
  • However, you can still fast by putting on make up, hair care, or coloring your hair.
  • Does applying cream to the wound end the fast?In this context, you can find the answer to the question No, it won’t.Fasting is not possible because wound creams are absorbed naturally by the skin.
  • Fasting can be expiated by fasting for sixty days or two moon days, with the exception of Ramadan.
  • A fast that has been broken must not be broken again. Applying cream does not make the fast invalid.
Does applying cream break the fast?

Let us summarize the topic:Is it possible to break the fast by applying cream?The clearest answer to this question is: Cream is not a nutritional substance. Creams and ointments are not allowed to break the fast. It does get into the blood through the skin but is not allowed to enter the bloodstream.

These products won’t affect you if you believe that skin-repairing creams and antibiotic-effective creams combine with the blood and moisturizing lotions relieve the skin. This issue is also frequently brought up by Diyanet so it is not something to ignore. You can keep your fast going on the days that you don’t want to use cream or ointment.You can speed up by using sunscreen, especially during summer.

What are the things that break the fast, then? The Presidency for Religious Affairs has listed the following situations that will break the fast:

“Since the basic element of fasting is abstaining from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse and depriving the soul of these, these and similar behaviors while fasting invalidate the fast. All food and drinks are allowed. Fasting prohibitions include smoking, hookahs, tobacco-based smoky substance, and all substances taken for addiction (Ibn bidin & Reddu’lmuhtar III, 386-387). Oral medications, regardless of their reason, are also subject to this provision.

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