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Decent Iftar Places on the Bosphorus – Delicious Recipes


Bosphorus Bosphorus Best Iftar Locations

Family members will be happy when Ramadan arrives at home. At delicious tables, the peace and quiet of fasting continues. Fasting is almost a spiritual test. Iftar can be waited for patiently. It is also important to reward those who do such a good job. The spiritual benefits of fasting, as well as the health benefits, are priceless. It’s time for you to get creative and spend Ramadan evenings with small rewards you will give to yourself this year.

Iftar Places at the Bosphorus

  • Feriye palace
  • Navy Blue Restaurant
  • Oba Restaurant
  • Hamdi Restaurant
  • Yakamoz Restaurant
  • Paysage Restaurant
  • Bridge Restaurant
  • Hunkar Kosk restaurant
  • Taslihan Restaurant

Iftar outside can help to revive tired bodies from the hustle and bustle of work and daily life. If you are looking for a way to fast without exhaustion, this is the right thing.Iftar locations with Bosphorus viewshould be. The Bosphorus view can add a unique glow to your iftar tables. We will be discussing Iftar on the BosphorusIt will fill you up with its enchanting atmosphere in the evenings of Iftar.

Why Should Iftar Places on Bosphorus Be Preferred Among Istanbul’s Iftar Venues?

It is very pleasant to enjoy iftar meals in a picturesque setting, especially during Ramadan, when the weather is good. Ramadan tables are both a great way to meet your loved ones and a valuable resource for those who fast.

If you live in Istanbul Iftar in your throatIt enhances the value of Ramadan tables already precious by the beauty of its atmosphere. Bosphorus iftar locationsIt is rich in terms of The beautiful sea view and gentle sounds of the water remind us of our place in the world. Iftar dinner on BosphorusIt is a good choice for our stomachs and souls. It is easier to see the beauty around us and to be grateful for it.

Here’s the sea view that I have compiled for you. Bosphorus iftar locations list. Let’s look at the options, let’s taste it, then recommend it to our friends and family.

The Bosphorus’ Best Iftar Locations

1) Feriye Palace

When Bosphorus fast-breaking places are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Beşiktaş beach and restaurants located on the shoreline. Feriye Restaurant is the best place to eat iftar on Bosphorus. You have the sea under your feet and delicious, satisfying meals at your tableEnjoy a wonderful iftar dinner with your friends. Feriye Restaurant also offers private parking for guests who arrive by car. Feriye offers a variety of main dishes including steak, fish, ravioli, and mushroom noodles. Prices for main courses range between 150 and 300 TL.

Address: Yıldız Mahallesi Çırağan Street No: 44 Beşiktaş

Communication: 0212 227 22 16

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2) Navy Blue Restaurant

The Bosphorus’ dark blue, which is not compromising on its quality for many years, is also a preferred place for Ramadan. Lacivert Restaurant is a top Istanbul restaurant known for its elegance, meticulous employees, and comfort. The Lacivert Restaurant is a great place to enjoy Ramadan dinners with the Bosphorus view. Lacivert’s quality and taste has been preserved in a historic mansion ever since 1999. For an average cost of 100 TL, you will be able to taste the various meats and fish that have been prepared by the chefs. We are certain that you will enjoy the beautiful presentation of each plate that comes to your table. Keep this spot in mind so you can enjoy the Bosphorus view for a day.

Address: Anadolu Hisarı Mahallesi Körfez Caddesi No: 57/ A Beykoz

Communication: 0216 413 37 53

navy blue restaurant

3) Oba Restaurant

The most popular places during Ramadan are those that face the Bosphorus. Ramadan is a time when spirituality is strengthened. Ramadan is a time when fasting is observed. Ramadan is a time when people love to break fast with a wide view of the ocean. The places against the Bosphorus, which Allah created, are the most popular places during Ramadan. During Ramadan, when spirituality is strengthened and fasting is held, there is nothing like having a fast-breaking fast with the wide view of the sea, watching Allah’s creations and eating thanks to Allah… If you are looking for a place in Sarıyer for an iftar evening, your feet can take you to Oba Restaurant. . This is a great place to enjoy iftar with loved ones and your family, while enjoying the stunning Bosphorus view. After eating iftar, you can take a Turkish coffee to soothe your tired throat.A delicious and rich iftar meal For an average cost of 400 TL, you can get the following:A delicious and memorable iftar memory can be left behind.

Address: Rumelihisarı Mahallesi Baltalimanı Caddesi No: 54 Sarıyer

Communication: 0212 323 40 50

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oba restaurant

4) Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi Restaurant offers a delicious iftar dinner that combines the beauty of the Bosphorus with the splendor of Hamdi Restaurant. Hamdi Restaurant, who has been welcoming its guests in Sirkeci since 40 years, won’t let its taste be compromised and will be there to serve you this Ramadan. Let’s also mention that the quality of the restaurant is confirmed by the certificate of appreciation received from Eminönü Municipality. You can enjoy the Bosphorus view by booking a table on the terrace floor during iftar nights. If you are researching where are the venues facing the Bosphorus, let’s mention that Hamdi Restaurant has a branch with a view in Beyoğlu Pera besides Eminönü.

Address: Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi Tahmis Caddesi Kalçın Sokak No: 11 Eminönü Fatih

Communication: 0212 528 03 90

hamdi restaurant

5) Yakamoz Restaurant

Yakamoz Restaurant, which is nestled among centuries-old plane tree trees, stands out among the Bosphorus venues. Yakamoz Restaurant can be found right next to Kuleli Military Higher School. They will gladly serve you with all their friendly staff in an iftar night across the Bosphorus. Its rich cuisine includes a variety of meat and seafood menus that will leave you satisfied. The hearty main dishes are accompanied by a variety of salads. Yakamoz Restaurant can be described as one of the most economical iftar spots in Bosphorus. The fixed menu includes a chicken option that costs 280 TL and a fish and meat option that costs 300 TL. The menu includes 6 different hors D’oeuvres, seasonal dishes, desserts, and hot appetizers, depending on which menu option is selected.

Address: Kuleli Mahallesi Kuleli Caddesi No: 69 Cengelkoy Uskudar

Communication: 0216 318 95 05

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6) Paysage restaurant

Paysage Restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for a decent place to enjoy Ramadan evenings. The friendly, caring team is eager to help you. It is the perfect place to enjoy pleasant moments with your loved ones, while you sip on the evening iftar. Paysage Restaurant is a stylish restaurant that offers rich cuisine.

Address: Hekimler Sitesi Yolu No: 14/ A Kanlıca Beykoz

Communication: 0216 322 00 77

paysage restaurant

7) Bridge Restaurant

Bridge, one of the most beautiful places on Bosphorus, whose slogan is “tastes which push the limits”, continues hosting its guests throughout Ramadan. Bringing together those who are open to different tastes and those who love the taste of Turkish cuisine, Bridge Restaurant offers you a Bosphorus view in Nakkaştepe. It also offers iftar. Bridge Restaurant team wants to delight their guests with their rich meals and would love to see you at iftar. A strong cup of tea can be the perfect way to end a hearty, enjoyable evening.

Address: Nakkaştepe Yolu Baba Nakkaş Sokak No: 62 Üsküdar

Communication: 0216 391 95 85

bridge restaurant

Hunkar Kosk Restaurant

If you want to see delicious meat dishes and kebab varieties at your iftar table, we recommend Hünkar Köşk Restaurant in Cemile Sultan Grove. Hünkar Köşk, which has a rich cuisine with local and diet dishes,It awaits to welcome you with a view of the Bosphorus. If you started your research by saying I am looking for family restaurants in the Bosphorus and reached this article, we think that you will be satisfied with Hünkar Köşk Restaurant on our list. For a more relaxing evening, make sure to make a reservation.

Address: Kandilli Mah. Ömürtepe Yokusu Sok. No. 6 Uskudar

Communication: 0216 308 49 43

Hunkar Kiosk Restaurant

9) Taslihan Restaurant

It may be a good idea spend Ramadan evenings in a place that overlooks the Bosphorus. We will introduce you to Taşlıhan Restaurant to stay away from the stress of work and life and to open your fast-breaking meal at a delicious table. You will feel at home in this spacious and comfortable space.Delicious and satisfying mealsYou can have a nice evening of iftar with your loved ones. At Taşlıhan Restaurant, which pleases those looking for non-alcoholic places on the Bosphorus, you can treat yourself and your loved ones a pleasant Ramadan table. Iftar with a Bosphorus look You can enjoy watching the sea and Istanbul from the heights at Taşlıhan Restaurant.

Address: Akçakent Sokak, No: 6 Anadolu Feneri Village, Beykoz

Communication: 0216 536 00 15


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