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Bursa Iftar Venues: Top 6 Restaurants

Bursa: Where can I get Iftar?

Ramadan is finally here. We know we will celebrate this holy month with lots of food and lots of festivities. It’s time to create beautiful holidays, host large family gatherings, and get together with friends.

Bursa has many places to have Iftar

  • Flavor Grill
  • Meydan Restaurant
  • Besyol Kebab Ihsaniye
  • Kayseriya Mantı Palace
  • Pine Meat Grill
  • Masklavi Spruce

Fasting is a great way to visualize a large table with many flavors. Sometimes we can have the table of your dreams with the help of our elders. Other times we head out to find the places. This is especially true as a “reward”. iftar dinnerWe prefer to set aside a budget for the evenings we are going to eat. We are known for our unique tastes. Iftar dinner in BursaIf we could choose our favorite food, we would think about where it would be. Bursa is known for its Iskender Kebab. However, it is also well-known for its meatballs. It is known for being one of the best places to enjoy Ramadan. We will also share with you information about Bursa Iftar.

Request Bursa iftar placesIt is therefore one of the most popular. We have listed 6 alternatives to iftar for both Ramadan-goers and locals. Iftar menu pricesOur list will help you to choose the one that best suits your family.

Bursa Hours of Iftar 2022

Next, we will be discussing our suggestions for venues for iftar. Bursa iftar timeLet’s get to the point. Bursa’s Iftar time will start with the throwing of a ball during the evening prayer time. This is just like in every province.

One Saturday, 02.04.2022 05:13 06:40 13:13 16:46 19:35 20:56
2nd Sunday, 03.04.2022 05:12 06:38 13:12 16:47 19:36 20:57
3 Monday, 04.04.2022 05:10 06:36 13:12 16:47 19:37 20:58
4 Tuesday, 05.04.2022 05:08 06:35 13:12 16:48 19:38 21:00
5 06.04.2022 Wednesday 05:06 06:33 13:11 16:48 19:39 21:01
6 Thursday, 07.04.2022 05:04 06:32 13:11 16:48 19:40 21:02
7 Friday, 08.04.2022 05:02 06:30 13:11 16:49 19:41 21:03
8 Saturday, 09.04.2022 05:00 06:29 13:10 16:49 19:42 21:05
9 Sunday, 10.04.2022 04:59 06:27 13:10 16:49 19:43 21:06
10 Monday, 11.04.2022 04:57 06:25 13:10 16:50 19:45 21:07
11th Tuesday, 12.04.2022 04:55 06:24 13:10 16:50 19:46 21:09
12 Wednesday, 13.04.2022 04:53 06:22 13:09 16:50 19:47 21:10
13 Thursday 14.04.2022 04:51 06:21 13:09 16:51 19:48 21:11
14 Friday 15.04.2022 04:49 06:19 13:09 16:51 19:49 21:13
15 Saturday 16.04.2022 04:47 06:18 13:09 16:51 19:50 21:14
16 Sunday, 17.04.2022 04:46 06:16 13:08 16:52 19:51 21:15
17 Monday 18.04.2022 04:44 06:15 13:08 16:52 19:52 21:17
18 Tuesday 19.04.2022 04:42 06:13 13:08 16:52 19:53 21:18
19 20.04.2022 Wednesday 04:40 06:12 13:08 16:52 19:54 21:19
20 21.04.2022 Thursday 04:38 06:10 13:08 16:53 19:55 21:21
21 Friday, 22.04.2022 04:36 06:09 13:07 16:53 19:56 21:22
22 Saturday 23.04.2022 04:35 06:08 13:07 16:53 19:57 21:24
23 Sunday 24.04.2022 04:33 06:06 13:07 16:54 19:58 21:25
24 Monday, 25.04.2022 04:31 06:05 13:07 16:54 19:59 21:26
25 Tuesday, 26.04.2022 04:29 06:04 13:07 16:54 20:00 21:28
26 27.04.2022 Wednesday 04:27 06:02 13:07 16:54 20:01 21:29
27 Thursday, 28.04.2022 04:26 06:01 13:06 16:55 20:02 21:31
28 Friday, 29.04.2022 04:24 06:00 13:06 16:55 20:03 21:32
29 Saturday, 30.04.2022 04:22 05:58 13:06 16:55 20:04 21:34
30 Sunday, 01.05.2022 04:20 05:57 13:06 16:55 20:05 21:35

Monday, May 02nd 2022 is Ramadan Feast.

Here’s the recipe Bursa’s Delicious Tahini (Tahanlı) Pita (with Video)

Bursa Iftar Venues: Top 6 Restaurants

1) Grilled Flavor Meatbread

We continue with a proposal to grab the attention and love of meat-bread lovers. Lezzet Grill, a popular place for iftar, is known for its grilled dishes. This place offers outdoor dining and volunteers to serve a refreshing evening. Bursa has many iftar options, and this is one of them. You can eat as much as you like at the Lezzet iftar table. The menu includes unlimited meat bread, unlimited vegetable and salad, and unlimited tandoori. Unlimited Iftar Menu includes: lentil soup with butter, date and olive plate, salad, unlimited meat bread, tandoori plate with rice and garnish, dessert (rice pudding, Kemalpaşa or milk halva), beverage and tea.

Address: 23 Nisan District Yunus Emre Street 1-b Hippodrome Junction, 16110 Nilüfer

Communication: 0224 451 15 51

flavor grill

2) Meydan Restaurant

Modern restaurant concepts are a great option for those who miss the old-fashioned restaurant concept. Meydan Restaurant, Bursa’s most popular place for iftar, offers such a service. It is a must-visit place for its chicken and meat-based Itar menus as well as the attention it will give to its employees. The chicken-based iftar plates are served with french fries and salad and cost 95 TL. Meat-based options cost between 105 and 125 TL. As treats, these plates come with soup, dessert, iftar meals, and raw meatballs.Bursa has many places to open iftarIf you’re wondering where it might be, we recommend Meydan Restaurant as one of your options.

Address: Eker Meydan, Lefkose Cad, No:76/A, (Orhaneli Road, 1.km), Nilüfer-Bursa

Communication: 0224 453 32 83

How do you prepare the Iftar Table? Presentation Suggestions

square restaurant

3) Beşyol Kebab İhsaniye

Kebab is the first thing that comes to mind when Bursa mentions it. Bursa will be able to enjoy a kebab evening as part of its iftar. Beşyol Kebap is one of the best places to make kebab, one of the delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine. You can choose the nearest one, as well as branches in many other locations. It is possible to have a delicious iftar with family and friends with kebab. Bursa iftar menus When you think of Alexander, Beşyol Kebap will be the right address for you.

Address: Ahmet Vefik Paşa Street, İhsaniye/Bursa

Communication: 0224 245 49 10 – 11

fiveyol kebab shop

4) Kayseriya Mantı Palace

Bursaans love kebabs. We have a suggestion that we can make for Bursa’s locals who want a different flavor of iftar. Kayseriya Mantı Palace may be the different flavor you are looking for. Bursa: What you can eat The best ravioliThis place is waiting for you. Kayseriya offers customers the chance to choose from two branches and provides a satisfying evening with special menus for iftar. There are four options for iftar: soup, starter, ravioli, meatballs, grilled, and roasted. Dessert and fruit can be enjoyed after the meal.

Address: Nilüferköy Mudanya Street No: 9 Osmangazi/Bursa

Communication: 0224 549 10 38

Ramadan’s Most Special Rosary

Kayseri Manti Palace

5) Pine Meat Grill

You can’t have an iftar at the summit without being at the foot of Uludag. Surrounded by the beautiful mountain air, Çam Et Mangal offers exactly the opportunity we are talking about. You can have an iftar dinner in nature, with the tables set amongst the greenery. There are also playgrounds available for children. It is a beautiful place to have iftar in Bursa as a family. When you think of the iftar menu, if you think of steaming barbecue varieties, you can change your route to Çam Et Mangal.

Address: Osmangazi District, Uludag Road 8. km Osmangazi

Communication: 0532 437 77 66

pine meat barbecue

6) Masklavi Spruce

Imagine yourself in a quiet area, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you will find greenery rather than tall buildings. Surrounded by every shade of blue and green, Masklavi Alaçam offers a peaceful iftar meal. This place, which will remind you of the beauty of the world, is perfect for Ramadan. We can almost say that this area is the place where peace, happiness, and joy will be felt the most when visited with a large group.

Address:Alacam Mh. Koyici Sk. No: 152 Bursa

Communication: 0538 513 86 89

masklavi spruce

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