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11 Types of Delicious and Quality Dates with Pictures

Illustrated Date Types, Characteristics

Types and benefits of datesIt is a topic we often hear about in this country. Dates that sweeten the sahur or iftar tables and make them fruitful are popular for their health benefits. What are the dates types, list of date types?If you just want to get a general idea, let’s start by listing the items you are interested in.

Date Types and Names

  • Bagdad Date
  • Medina Date
  • Persian Date
  • Acve Dates
  • Jerusalem Date
  • Tunisian Date
  • Sukkari Dates
  • Date Sugay
  • Berni Dates
  • Selebi Dates
  • Paradise – Persimmon

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Healthy Chocolate Flavor Walnut Dateballs

Dates are a healthy snack and a healthy option for diets. You can balance your blood sugar and keep full for a longer timeYou can satisfy your stomach with dates. You can also enjoy dates without affecting your blood sugar levels!

This is especially true when it comes down to diet and weight loss Dates and caloriesIt becomes a matter of interest. Even though the calories of dates don’t vary greatly depending on the type, it is best to include fresh dates in your diet. Fresh dates have fewer calories than dried dates.

We will now provide information about the various dates that are available on the market. These dates will pique curiosity and offer insight into their characteristics. Types of dates and their particular characteristicsThis article will provide details about many dates for those who are interested.

Request dates and their names

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Types of Dates: The 11 most Delicious and High Quality Dates

1) Bagdad Date

  • The Baghdad Date is often mentioned among the names for date varieties.
  • Light yellow color. Baghdad date has a shorter and bulkier appearance than other dates.
  • Bagdad dates can also be counted in the small date variety.
  • Through the desert sunIraq and its surroundings are where the Baghdad date is ripening.
  • Its fiber has great benefits for the intestinal tract.
Bagdat date

2) Medina Date

  • The Medina date, which is found among the snack dates has a delicate appearance.
  • With light colors Spots at the Medina Date visible. These are typical of Medina dates.
  • Medina dates are known for their ability to keep you full long-term. It can be used as a snack by those who are on a diet or are often hungry.
  • Medina dates, which are 2 to 3 pieces of each, will balance blood sugar.

Medina Date Benefits and Prices, How to Dry?

medina date

3) Persian Date

  • The Persian date’s peel is very thin. It is very popular in our country.
  • The average size of the Persian date (which is one of the largest date varieties) is between 2.5 and 4.5cm.
  • Persian dates are a special aroma that goes well with tea and coffee for those who eat well.
  • Persian dates with a soft textureIt is lower in calories than chocolate.
  • Use sweet crises to control your blood sugar.
  • The Persian date is one of the black varieties. It is a date with high appeal because of its size and color.
persian persimmon

4) Acve Date

  • The date of Acve is also known as the Prophet’s Date.
  • Acve dates are well-known among those who live in our country. This palm is because Pilgrimage MissionIt is a type if date that people who travel for holidays bring as a present to their loved ones when they return home.
  • Acve dates, also known as plums or raisins, are very small.
  • Acve dates are a great way to boost your energy levels thanks to its fibrous, vitamin-rich structure.
  • Rumors claim that the Acve Date is the most prized of all the date varieties due to the fact that it was planted by the Prophet.

5) Jerusalem Date

  • jerusalem date,Soft and shinyIt is a date with texture.
  • This type of date making various dessertsPrefer.
  • The Jerusalem date is easy to shape and crush, and it has a sweet aroma that gives the recipes a new taste.
  • Jerusalem date is a date which is readily available in our country, which protects our intestines.

What is the Jerusalem Date? Benefits, Prices


6) Tunisian Date

  • Tunisian dates are a light yellow color with a slightly wrinkled texture. It is easily recognized by its light color at the date counters.
  • Tunisian dates are high in potassium.It can give you high levels of energy in a very short time.
  • It is a smart decision for your health to eat a few Tunisian date instead of chocolate bars in sweet crisis.
  • tunisian dates, Protect the stomachIt is a food that balances blood glucose.
tunisian persimmon

7) Sukkari Date

  • The sukkari date is a favorite among fresh dates because of its high sugar content.
  • The skin is thin, translucent in color, and has a soft texture similar to a date palm.
  • It is high fiber, just as other dates.
  • Due to their high sugar content, Sukkari dates should only be consumed moderately in Riyadh.
sukkari persimmon

8) Sugay Date

  • This is one of the most popular large-date varietiesThis date is yellow-white in color.
  • Sugy dates are thick and meaty and are effective in strengthening and protecting your digestive system.
  • Because it has less sugar than other dates It is also recommended for diabetes.
sugai persimmon

9) Berni Date

  • Many people can eat Berni dates.
  • Berni dates, which are high in fiber, increase the milk quality for nursing mothers.
  • The Berni date is a light yellow, thinly shelled date.
  • Consuming a few pieces between meals can help protect your stomach and intestines.
berni date

10) Selebi dates

  • Madinah is home to many Shelebi date plants.
  • Anemia patients can eat lots shelebi date.
  • Selebi dates have a thin skin and are sweet-flavored.
  • Many people love it because of its blood-forming properties.
Selebi date palm

11) Persimmon/Persimmon

  • This date is on the list of date varieties that are grown in Turkey.It is different from the dates we have discussed so far in terms color and appearance.
  • Persimmon, which is found in the Mediterranean climate, makes blood and cleanses the intestines.
  • Persimmons can be eaten fresh or dried.It is about the same size as a tomato and orange in color.
  • It is advised to consume this date, which contains vitamin A and many other minerals, in moderation.
Trabzon Persimmon

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